Light Up Your Life With Spring’s Must Have Lighting Fixtures

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The secret sauce that all top designers know is that lighting is central to taking a room from good to great.

As Oscar de la Renta once said, "The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times." Getting that perfect balance is not always easy to achieve. Whether you're looking to add a little ambient, functional, or accent lighting to your estate, these designer fixtures are sure to shine.

Jonathan Adler's Celestial Chandeliers


Adler began his artistic career trying to be a potter but quickly became obsessed with Chanel while at the Rhode Island School of Design.

His lights are an attractive mix of retro and modern chic. If his lighting designs had a personality they would be the soft-spoken yet glamorous type.

His Meurice Chandelier series looks amazing large and small surroundings. Appreciate how it adds a spark of elegance to an understated Danish dining table and chairs.

Brooklyn-born, These Lights Now Shine Worldwide


Gabriel Hendifar and partner Jeremy Anderson founded Apparatus Studio in Brooklyn in 2012. Since then their playful creations made with vintage materials have developed a global devotion.

Nothing defines their aesthetic better than their series of "Cloud" lights. These hand-frosted glass orbs refract a silky soft glow from their interior light sources.

When hung over a cozy bed, they shift the eye upward making furniture-filled rooms seem lighter than air.

Heirloom Quality Lighting from The Deep South


Under the guidance of Creative Director, Michael Amato, Charleston, South Carolina's Urban Electric Company seeks to blend impeccable craftsmanship and sophisticated timelessness into handsome and refined lighting fixtures.

Take the "Chelsea" named after a famous London bridge. A traditional lantern artfully cloaked with modern edges. It can turn any kitchen island into a glorious showpiece.

A Designer Fave Gets Some Planetary Inspiration


Wholesale manufacturer Curry and Company is no stranger to the scores of designers who scoop up their quality lighting designs. Their Spring wall sconces add new dashes of daring to the 31-year old brand's direction.

While they would say their Pinders wall sconce has a "planetary grace," you might just notice a hint of Tolkienesque mystery in this wrought-iron, gold-leaf finished light.

This glowing ornamental fixture hides its source while emitting a sense of inner power.

Where Ornamental Awe Meets Natural Magic


For breathtaking lighting design that also emits an incredible quality of light, look at Ochre's linear celestial petals. These dimmable crystal pebbles come in patinated bronze or satin nickel.

Hanging from the ceiling on a twisted chain, the true magic of these chandeliers is there completely concealed LED's that cause a sliver of glowing gold to appear at the base of glass resembling a raindrop.

An Old Hollywood Take On The Floor Lamp


Floor lights are rarely the statement pieces their chandelier cousins are. Most only differ by stem height and the width of the shade, however, the Barrett Knurled Boom Arm Floor Light cuts out the convention in favor of some cinematic drama.

Resembling a brass version of a movie studio boom mic, this Ralph Lauren Home light packs a warm LED into a clean line that looks anything but boring.

Trends in home lighting this year include space-inspired shapes, old meets new styling and bold designs crafted from familiar elements.

The results are as luxurious as they are luminous.

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