LULO Design Studio Seamlessly Connects Two Living Spaces With Separate Purposes

LULO Design Studio

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LULO Design Studio is a full-service design studio specializing in new construction, renovation, and interior finishing projects. Led by Principal, Natalia Gutierrez, the firm is dedicated to help and guide their clients through the design and build process.

Photo Credit: LULO Design Studio

Here, Natalia walks Haute Design through a recent design project in Boca Raton which immaculately displays the keen eye and top-shelf design services LULO Design Studio can provide.


It is all about creating a seamless connection between two important areas in a very small space. Our design team created a multifunctional design to meet the client’s wishes: a long wall unit that connects two rooms with two different purposes. On one side, we have a conversation area with lots of shelves for books and decoration pieces, plenty of seating and built-ins for storage.

On the other side, a long sideboard for entertainment with a large, minimal wall mirror adds softness to the space, while the reflection makes the area feel bigger. Our goal was to separate the spaces without an actual physical division. To accomplish this goal, we focused on making a statement and adding functionality with an understate glam look. Paring the lighter neutrals with intense, sharp dark lines gives this condo lots of personality and character.

Photo Credit: LULO Design Studio

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