Luciana Fragali Reveals The Secret To Executing The Perfect Project

Luciana Fragali

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Luciana Fragali

Photo Credit: Design Solutions Inc.

Considered to be one of the most renowned designers in South Florida, Luciana Fragali continues to dazzle interior design enthusiasts with her attention and care for her clients' needs. She arrived at interior design instinctually. With a notable creative character, and a passion for unique and special objects, Luciana is always looking to implement treasures within her projects.

In 2005 she opened her Miami-based design firm Design Solutions. Since then, her work has been mainly focused on the development of private residential projects and professional spaces. Each of her unique projects and ideas is deeply rooted in a great relationship with the client. She believes this is the key point to create a unique residential design that will translate into someone's dream project. We had the chance to speak to the designer about her inspirations, creative process and aspirations.


Photo Credit: Design Solutions Inc.


Haute Residence: Tell us about the beginning of your journey in the design world. How did the love for product and interiors emerge?

Luciana Fragali: I strongly believe that I was born to be an architect/interior designer. While other kids my age were playing with dolls or running around in the playground, my favorite pastime was going to the mall where that was a unique store which sold children's furniture. This was my favorite place to spend my time. As I entered my teenage years, the antique fair near my home became my 'go-to' spot. I loved hunting for unique pieces, never knowing what I would discover. So, for me, there was never any other path. I was born for this field!

HR: How would you describe your signature style?

LF: The style theme is relative, since it's a mixture of your own design beliefs along with the customer's needs, and how to adapt both visions. We always seek to meet the demands of each client while giving guidelines to create a functional context where sobriety and elegance, along with choice of furniture, recreate refined atmospheres.


Photo Credit: Design Solutions Inc.


HR: We know every designer has their own inspiration source and vision for a determined project. Where do you search for your inspiration? Tell us a little bit more about your creative process. 

LF: My sources of inspiration are multiple and appear naturally. They are born from the project itself, from the idiosyncrasies of the spaces, from the environment where the house is located and from the ideas fo the client. Our creative process begins by understanding the project. This requires listening, interpreting and molding what the client requires of you all while carrying your knowledge of every nuance of the design development.


HR: Describe a design project with your influence in three words.

LF: Four words: Elegant, sober, personal, functional.


HR: What about your clients? How do you think they would describe your ideas?

LF: First, make the result optimal. Second, make sure the solutions meet their expectations. And finally, let them sit in the house of their dreams.


Photo Credit: Design Solutions Inc.


HR: Do you think the relationship between the designer and client is a fundamental part of the creative process? Why?

LF: Yes, because it cannot work any other way. Even if the client has clear ideas, the project has to be modeled based off the evolution of the relationship with the designer. Ideally, this evolution will make the client internalize the concepts and feel more ownership toward the project.


HR: Do you think that the current pandemic situation has changed your relationship with your clients and your vision as an interior designer?

LF: Our vision as interior designers, our beliefs and the way we work does not change because we have lived through the pandemic. That said, our vision does change in terms of the emergence of new paradigms of the daily use of our private spaces. People are spending much more time in their homes and have needs that were previously external. Now we want to adapt the home to these kinds of requirements. Spending more time in our homes makes us think about how we can take advantage of our respective spaces and how we could adapt them to our specific needs.


HR: If you had to name the project of your career, which would it be and why?

LR: The best project is the one to come. That means we still have a passion for what we do.


HR: As a designer, how important is it to follow design trends that are established in the industry?

LR: It is relatively important. Market trends are ephemeral, impersonal, superfluous and almost out of touch with the customer and their stylistic tastes. Our trends have always aimed to seek timelessness, elegance, durability and quality in the finishes and solutions we provide.


Photo Credit: Design Solutions Inc.


HR: What about the future? Do you have some ideas for projects? What can we expect from your company?

LR: We plan to continue to seek excellence in the design and execution within our projects as well as in regard to how we collaborate with our clients. We aim to ensure that our service is the best possible.


HR: What is the secret to create the perfect project?

LR: Through experience, you learn to understand that establishing a trust-worthy relationship with those who depend on you with something as valuable and cherished as their home, is a fundamental part of the process. This is undoubtedly the facet of my job that I like the most. I place great value in client relationships and crediting them as an invaluable part of the design process. I strive to create friendships with my clients. Achieving a personal appreciation for each other benefits the design process tremendously. A successful project is one where we drastically exceed expectations. If we give the client exactly what they had in mind, we have failed. We strive to implement design solutions that fulfill the intended objectives in unexpected, innovative ways.


HR: If you could send one message to young designers, what would it be?

LR: Our consistent advice is this: do what you do with passion. Invest hours of your time into routine work. Do it with your own personality and try to be the best professional possible.

Photo Credit: Design Solutions Inc.

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