Lourdes Alatriste On How To Reach International Buyers

Lourdes Alatriste

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Photo Credit: ENGEL & VÖLKERS

Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 250 Sales Agents in the USA, Lourdes Alatriste has over 25 years of experience in the Miami Premium Residential Market. In 2010 and 2011, Lourdes Alatriste was Top Producer agent in Engel & Völkers Miami, in 2012 she was Top Producer nationwide and in 2014 she won a President’s Circle status in the Elite Awards at Engel & Völkers, one of the most prestigious Real Estate firms worldwide, established in 1977. Throughout her career, Lourdes has cemented her success as a high-end luxury property specialist with unparalleled knowledge of the market. Haute Residence caught up with Alatriste to discuss her time with Engel & Völkers Miami and how she reaches international buyers.

How long have you been with Engel & Völkers?

I started with Engel & Volkers in 2009 when they opened their first office in South Florida.

What about Engel & Völkers attracted you to working with them specifically with their international presence?

Everything about the brand was a perfect fit for me.  I love their exclusivity, their passion, and knowledge.  I love the understated elegance that is part of the Engel & Volkers brand. It’s elegant and understated.

Are the majority of your buyers international? What country are the majority coming from?

I would say about 50% of my buyers are international.  I have seen a large influx of Mexican buyers in the last year as a result of the current political climate there.

Are there particular methods for how you market your homes to reach international buyers’ attention?

I believe in name recognition and I am a big believer in advertising/partnering with the right publications (such as Haute Living).  I also believe in consistency.  For example, I think you need to choose the advertising partner that fits your needs and stay with him.  Don’t expect results after running just one ad in one issue. It comes down to time, dedication and money.

Is there anything different you do with marketing during the holidays?

Locally, I try to make a big push before Art Basel.  Also, it depends on the Holiday.  I try to focus on the places where I think my Buyers and potential Buyers will be vacationing.  In the Summers I advertise in the Hamptons and the beaches in Europe. During Christmas and New Years I focus more on places such as Colorado, Utah, Nassau, Switzerland, and Tulum.  Of course, the fact that Engel & Volkers has shops in most of these locations makes it much easier for me to find out what would work best in that demographic.


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