Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate Update With Kathryn Shafer

Kathryn Shafer

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Los Angeles real estate expert Kathryn Shafer of Realty Group LA updates us on the luxury market in the City of Angels in this exclusive Q&A.

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Haute Residence: To what do you attribute to the increased level of activity in your market as of late?

Kathryn Shafer: It's Los Angeles. For every “one” who moves to Tennessee, Austin, etc., there are two more who love Los Angeles and are moving here. Not just one-home families. LA is seeing multiple purchases for second-home properties. The glamour is here to stay. Once you fall in love with Los Angeles you never leave, or always want “one foot in”. Many of my clients who are leaving LA are not selling their properties. I assist in property management and long-term leasing.

HR: How do you see the luxury real estate market in LA going forward for the next few months?

KS: Demand is high in the Beverly Hills Post Office corridor to Sherman Oaks. From entry-level to trophy properties selling in Beverly Park Estates at 39 million. Private schools are aplenty, but BHPO and Sherman Oaks offer fantastic Los Angeles Unified School options. You don’t need to go private in Beverly Hills Post Office. The great elementary schools, [such as] LA Unified, are some of the best in Southern California.

HR: What has been a highlight sale for you so far in 2021?

KS: Working with a noted family out of Miami, my 2021 has been focused on getting their next generation settled into real estate. Both young adults are in the entertainment industry and are now just getting settled into a classic 1960 mid-century, and the other into a compound, both classic California living with pools and turn-key houses. Multiple offers are still commonplace in my markets, and proven strategies so far have been the winning formula to close the deals.

For more information, please contact Kathryn Shafer at 323-376-9601 or kathryn@realtygroupla.com

Kathryn Shafer is the exclusive agent representing the Beverly Hills, P.O., California, real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of her listings here

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