Living At The Top: The World’s Most Glamorous Penthouses

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Who hasn’t dreamt of living like the royals? Being chauffeured in that Rolls-Royce; drinking chilled Dom Pérignon and clinking glasses in Windsor Castle; playing polo at the Longdole Polo Club. In the past, bloodlines determined royalty. These days, one’s royal status is determined by real estate, particularly luxurious penthouse living. Today’s new palaces are those posh penthouses atop grandiose highrises that serve as vertical kingdoms in the sky.

And sky living continues to become increasingly popular as many new, record-breaking developments are being built for the select few. Extra emphasis is placed on making penthouses the most sensational dwellings, with bespoke features so exclusive that there’s no way one’s noble status goes unchecked. Penthouse perks include plenty of natural light, premium privacy, exceptional indoor space, palatial outdoor areas, and above all, that sovereign style.

Take a minute to peruse these perks, and explore your potential royal status in hopes of someday purchasing your own dream penthouse, if not already done.

Plenty Of Natural Light

Penthouses usually come with unobstructed views and therefore allow plenty of natural light to flood the space, making the penthouse not just spacious but also airy and elegantly bright.

Premium Privacy

By ranking high above the busy streets in a penthouse, you are easily removed from traffic and other jarring city noises that the apartments below you might otherwise experience. In addition, with no one living above you, there are no disruptions from ill-mannered neighbors. In other words, owning a penthouse is the crème de la crème of luxury living.

Occupying the top of a building usually means that you don’t share the floor; it’s all yours. Being so high up also means premium privacy – no one is peering through your windows. These features combined with a sought-after location provide the ultimate sanctuary. Residents are typically close enough to access the center of the city while maintaining a more private locale by the waterfront. That said, it’s quite obvious that penthouse living reigns supreme.

Fabulous Finishes

Glamorous Penthouses

Many penthouses come with finishes that are exclusive to that unit, and a notch above those throughout the rest of the building. Such bespoke furnishings add to that “penthouse wow factor.”

Highrises with over-sized windows provide the most stunning views and beautifully lit interior.

Glamorous Penthouses

Here, the oversized fireplace makes this kitchen super hot from a real estate perspective, as well as the ultra deluxe, super-sized appliances.

Expansive Space

A palatial bedroom allows you to simply retreat from the city into your own personal utopia. Pure penthouse passion.

A bathroom with a unique shape, featuring distinct recesses throughout, provides nothing less than premium space for you to roam around in bubbling bliss.

Outdoor Terraces With Unobstructed Panoramic Views

Glamorous Penthouses

One of the most alluring features of owning a penthouse is direct access to your private, ample outdoor space with unobstructed views. Ideal for entertaining guests.

Glamorous Penthouses

Imagine stepping outside onto your terrace and being able to see all around; not into another building’s window, but seeing only the breathtaking view of the city. And it’s all experienced from your private outdoor jacuzzi.

Being at the top means reigning high, literally and figuratively. Only at the top can you experience exclusivity firsthand. It’s the place where fairytale living becomes your real estate reality.


  Except as otherwise noted, all images courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate

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