Lisa K. Hays Talks Increasing Home Value and Unusual Interior Design Requests

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How can you use interior design to increase the value of your home?

No matter how meticulous you maintain your home, buyers will always hesitate when they walk into a dated kitchen or bathroom. Having a modern kitchen and bathrooms with high-quality finishes leaves a lasting impression that translates into higher values. Crown molding, well-appointed and tasteful lighting, beautifully finished fireplaces, gorgeous flooring and thoughtfully planned and finished storage spaces, whether in closets, hallways or mudrooms, are all enhancements that buyers want when choosing their next home.

Although not as intrinsic in determining the value of your home, proper furniture placement, good wall colors, well-organized storage spaces, and the careful use of accessories and art, can hook buyers. Call it intangible value, but a buyer’s positive perception keeps your days-on-market shorter and your home’s value higher.

Although this question is about how interior design can benefit home values, it’s important not to overlook a home’s exterior design. Zero curb appeal equals no appeal. Well-maintained landscaping and a welcoming and warm front entrance help create a positive first impression before a buyer ever walks into your home. 

What is the most unusual interior design request you’ve received in your time as an interior designer? How did you go about executing it?

It was fun to do something different with a client’s dining room after she selected an exquisite chandelier that featured multi-colored, encased crystal gems. Her favorite color was green, which was one of the chandelier’s crystal colors. Plus, this hand-finished chandelier was going to be backlit by a large window offering plenty of daytime natural light, which would enhance the encased crystals. In the evening, however, we wanted the chandelier’s lighting to play off the ceiling and create an elegant shimmering light. To create this effect, we chose an iridescent green glasstile that perfectly complemented my client’s favorite color in the chandelier, than installed it in the tray ceiling. Combining the glasstile with such special lighting truly made my client’s dining room a jewel box that, according to her, has caused guests to stop and appreciate the room’s refined finishes. 

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