Lisa Bartolomei Talks Pantone’s Radiant Orchid and New Trends

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How would you use Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014, Radiant Orchid, in a living space?  

I tend to design neutral spaces that easily accept artwork. I use color typically as an accent in pillows, chairs, throws or on an accent wall. Coupling radiant orchid with all the new greys that are hot right now would be ideal. I would love to see it used as piping on upholstery.

What’s one cool new trend you predict for 2014? 

I think we are going to start seeing the use of antiques again in super modern spaces, almost as sculpture.

If you had an unlimited budget, what is the first change you would make to your own home or personal space? 

I live in a wonderful building that was built in 1911. It oozes old world charm. It’s the kind of apartment you just wish your old Aunt Mary lived in in NYC and would bequeath to you!  9 ‘6” ceilings, picture frame molding on all the walls and a proper dining room with 8’ wide paned glass bifold doors. The problem is that all of the lovely moldings and doors have been painted over so many times that they have lost a lot of their definition. I would love to have all the moldings and doors stripped or replaced with the same profile. The plaster cove moldings need some tender loving care as well. I am on the top floor with glorious views but no access to the outdoors, so while we are at it, I would also like to add a balcony off the living room with French doors!

What is the most difficult type of client to work with? What is your best advice for dealing with this type of client?

The most difficult type of client I have ever dealt with is someone who has never worked with a designer before. It is important to be very upfront about what to expect, particularly about fees. Financial surprises can kill a relationship faster than anything. Many new design clients have limited exposure to our world. Restaurants, hotels and show houses are often their only benchmarks for good design. Educating your client about what is available and how much it really costs is very important as well. Understanding what their values are and what they are willing to spend money on goes a long way to making a happy designer-client relationship.

To learn more about Lisa Bartolomei, visit her Haute Residence profile and website.

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