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Linly Designs began in 2002 in the suburbs of Chicago, offering elite home renovation & design services. After continued expansion, the design firm now houses over 11,000 sq. ft. of luxury furniture and home décor and offers design services such as kitchen & bathroom remodeling, custom window treatments, and decorative finishing. After repeated requests from their high-end clients seeking their expertise on unique, thoughtful, and beautiful customer appreciation gifts, Linly designs created Bonnâ, a luxury online shopping experience providing carefully curated bespoke and corporate gifts in beautiful packaging. Haute Residence caught up with Linly Designs to discuss how Bonnâge came about and the need it is filling amongst its clients.

How did you conceive the idea for  Bonnâge?

The idea of creating a website offering luxury gifts in beautiful packaging seemed like a natural progression for Linly Designs. Our design firm provides elite design services and luxury home furnishings to a discerning clientele, many of whom are business professionals. And because of our reputation and keen eye for procuring beautiful home décor and accessories, our team had started receiving requests from current and former clients looking for unique and thoughtful customer appreciation gifts for their businesses. Thus, Bonnâ was born.

What need do you feel this service is filling?

We had recognized a lack of options in the gifting industry for luxury, professional, and memorable gifts. Sure, there are websites offering candy, nuts, chocolates, flowers, etc. but our goal with Bonnâ was to offer objects that would make a lasting impression, rather than perishable goods that are gone in a matter of days. Because our design firm has built and established relationships with manufacturers of all over the world, we knew that these beautiful and functional items were the pieces we wished to include in our housewarming gifts, corporate gifts, and thank you gift options.

What feedback have you received from clients about why they love and use your website?

Our customer service is unparalleled and everything is individually handled. From the packing of the boxes to the hand-written thank you cards and hand-crafted bows, it’s all done with care by our Bonnâge team. We recently had a client call to expedite his order as the gifts were for his wedding party, and the rehearsal dinner was in three days. We pulled his order, carefully packed all of the gifts, and we drove to our local UPS distribution center to ensure that he would get them the following day. This is the level of service that clients have come to expect from Linly Designs, and what we are so proud to offer with Bonnâ as well.

Is there something you’d like to see added to Bonnâge in the future?

We are excited to be constantly evolving. We have added a personalized Concierge service to assist in gift selections and customizing options. Should clients want a special item sourced or personalized, our Concierge can make this happen. Our team travels extensively sourcing amazing luxury options and bringing exclusive pieces to our clients. Our ever-changing gift selections are sure to wow every time.

Do you have a favorite feature of Bonnâge?

Our gift packaging! The gifts we offer are luxurious in and of themselves, but the premier packaging takes these pieces to a whole new level. We understand the value of presentation and wanted each gift recipient to feel appreciated before even opening the box! Plus, our team has developed a proprietary shipping technique that preserves the look of our hand-tied bows during transit. So the way the boxes are presented on our website are just the way they will arrive to your recipient, unlike gifts from other companies that arrive with a flattened or crushed bow.

What goals do you have for the next 5 years?

We hope to continue building our lavish gifting options, finding the best-quality craftsmanship combined with luxe presentation. We will continue to maintain our boutique approach to preserve and enhance our superlative client service and excellent reputation.

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