Lien Luu Talks Unusual Design Features and Increasing Home Value

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How can you use interior design to increase the value of your home?

It seems like an obvious answer but the best way to increase your homes value through interior design would be to redo your kitchens and bathrooms. However, there are many ways to bring value to your home through interior design that are not as extreme or pricey.

The more visually appealing your space is, the more interest it will attract from buyers and this is what increases the value of your home. Bringing in an interior designer will insure that the furniture is the optimal scale and placed in the best layout to accentuate your homes features. Designers will layer in lighting, textiles and accessories to make your home feel like the home everyone can see themselves living in.

What is the most unusual interior design request you’ve received in your time as an interior designer? How did you go about executing it?

We were approached by a long time client to design the interior of his tree house on his estate in South Hamptons. This initially sounded like a very strange request, that was until we saw the tree house. ( )The tree house was a masterpiece designed but Roderick Wolgamott Romero using reclaimed wood.

To complement the structure we furnished the room with custom walnut tables by Nakashima, custom distressed leather sofas and reclaimed wood storage pieces. We layered in American Indian textiles including rugs and pillows along with vintage Japanese fabrics found while traveling in Kyoto. The outcome was something quit stunning and unusual which stems from such an unusual request.

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