Legendary Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

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The only thing better than drinking world-class wine is living on the sumptuous wine estate that produces it. An estate with the most aromatic of scents: the briny ocean and smoky mountains softly blending with the sun soaked lavender. An estate whose evocative fragrances culminate into the blossoming of the most luscious, delectable grapes.

“Living the viticulture dream” is steeped in the sipping of vino, eyeing some vast vineyard vistas and feeling the daily verve while owning a piece of wine country. And any one of the following revered wine estates crush it in this dream department; that is, exponentially surpassing standards set by the most sophisticated of oenophiles.

Certainly, the time is now ripe to pop the cork and pour that vintner’s reserve into your long stem wine glass, and take a long, leisurely look at these legendary vineyard estates.

Village of Gudo, Switzerland

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

The village of Gudo is the perfect location for this villa to sit in its elevated position overlooking the surrounding woods and vineyards. This state-of-the-art home boasts the ideal living space for the consummate apéro (an evening ritual that combines drinks, food and friends), and provides the perfect venue for unparalleled wines to flourish. There’s nothing neutral about living in this Swiss paradise.

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

In this villa, with the most spacious living areas, the magnificent views celebrate the luscious verdant surroundings, all of which eventually lead to the shores of Lake Maggiore.

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

Panoramic views, cathedral ceilings and floor-to-ceiling window walls collectively work to create the ideal Swiss bedroom.

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

To live here is to experience Switzerland at its best, boldest and most beautiful. Year round.

Tuscany, Italy

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

Not surprisingly, Tuscany ranks quite high on that list of Best Places To Live, wine connoisseur or not. Each home has its own character accompanied by lands that yield the most spectacular wines. Every element of this tranquil Italian countryside serves to culminate into creating that perfect sip.

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

In the heart of this Italian countryside overlooking the Chianti Classico Hills, lies this historic and luxurious estate. Could it get any more Tuscan chic? Perhaps. This luxury home also boasts three swimming pools surrounded by sweeping terraces, superbly situated to overlook the majestic views of the colorful gardens, forestry and Chianti hills.

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

The magnificent estate also boasts more than 20,000 square feet of living space surrounded by approximately twelve acres of land. The estate clearly has that quintessential Italian vibe: the beauty of the Tuscan countryside characterized by manicured grounds adorned with formal flowered gardens, olive groves, vineyards and a private forest.

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

Majestic cypresses lead the way to the main entrance of this classically inspired estate that is graced with marble fountains and sculptures, and fifty shades of green that will leave you breathless.

Santa YnezCaliforniaUSA

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

It’s so easy to get into the Santa-Ynez-state-of-mind: warm weather, stunning views and sophisticated viticulture and refined culinary arts. The luscious green hills and valleys will lure you here to live out  your life of luxury. A perennially popular warm season makes for the most incredible recreational paradise year round.

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

It’s effortless to live on this estate with a series of private pavilions, terraces and courtyards that are embraced by unparalleled panoramic views of rolling grasslands and undulating vineyards. And which is also seated in one of the most sought-after locations in the world.

Vineyards And Wine Country Estates

Add in some green  hills and a canopy tree with the most incredulous mountain vista and you’re surely in California wine country. And here to stay.

Mendoza, Argentina

The geographical location, soil and climate make this property, dubbed The Spirit of Wine, one of most recognized places to grow the best quality Argentinian grapes.

The overarching plane-trees along the rural roadway lead the way to experience firsthand the luxurious life on this vineyard estate that fosters the magic behind that most stupendous bottle of wine, that most sumptuous grape.

Follow this road lined with the most robust red vines and enter one of the finest wine estates in the world.

Any one of these luxury wine estates will allow you to bask in the subtle aromas of blooming grape clusters; you know, the sweetest of ephemeral aromas, not cloying or overly saturated in any way. Will allow you to drink your bottle of Chianti or Malbec on your massive stone patio, watch the gentle sway of grape-bearing vines sprawled out in the most magnificent of grooves, as far as your eyes can see. Will allow you to enjoy the good life, as toasted by oenophiles from around the world.

All images courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate


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