Le Meurice Updates Classic Interiors For Modern Looks

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For all the flowered design and beauty to be found in Parisian architecture and interior design, Le Meurice is unmatched in its ability to find balance between the old stylings of the belle epoque era of designing and the modern touches that keep Le Meurice as a destination of great taste in the city.

While homes and houses are built to one tenants style and taste, hotels offer designers the rare insight into a third party’s planning and concepts that are aimed to invoke the design of many rather than one resident. In doing so, Le Meurice has continued to construct an incredible landscape in each room. While Parisian design is often considered to express the beauty of the city, offerings at Le Meurice may reflect the inverse, handsome nature of Paris’ architecture. Rooms are flecked in silver and grey as opposed to floral tones and tuften pinks. Large marble bathrooms express the same sense of grandeur while still feeling cozy and comfortable enough to rest and relax in. In the modern day, hotels are often consumed by sleek minimalist designs that leave interiors feeling rather bare. Le Meurice, on the other hand, excels beyond all recognition with a design that feels perfectly fit to the modern aesthetic while celebrating the rich history of Parisian interior decor.


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