Webinar On The Latest East Coast Real Estate News

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Haute Residence hosted a real estate webinar focusing on the latest in the East Coast regions, with special appearances and insights from two of the top agents in their respective markets: Hilary-Farnum Fasth of Corcoran Reverie representing the Scenic 30A, Florida, area; and Nilou Henderson of Henderson Ventures representing the Charlotte, North Carolina, area.

They were hosted by Haute Living's Erik Haase. Watch the full webinar below.

Highlight quotes:

Hilary Farnum-Fasth: "Alys Beach has been the number one community in 30A that has seen the greatest surge not only in the number of sales but the price increase as well... So much [property] has been bought sight-unseen has been a big difference for us in 2020 and 2021. The properties are going so quickly or you have to act so quickly when a property is secured that you don't have the time to come here and person to see it, so we really are [buyers'] eyes and ears and they are having to trust their agents more than they ever have before... The thing that has always drawn people to 30A, but even more so now, is there is an incredible outdoor lifestyle. Whether you like to do all the beach activities, or you want to ride bikes, go on walks. You have tennis, incredible golf course communities, fishing; literally anything and everything outdoor is available to you here, so it feels like a very safe place.

Nilou Henderson: "We try to be very digital and media-driven, so we've done the virtual tours even prior to Covid, but I will say we're doing it a lot more now. We're making it a requirement for our agents inside of our firm to do the virtual tours. We are closing deals on virtual tours very often. Your agents are really able to show their value during these times. We are undervalued in a lot of different areas. A lot of different platforms have made it difficult for us to be able to really show why it's important to have that representation, but, most importantly, during this time, it's allowing us agents to be able to show the value that we hold during a real estate transaction... Charlotte is great, not too big. It's the South but still has a bit of that city flavor... For us, we work with a lot of sports and entertainment [people], so a lot of our guys that are coming into town and signing with the new team, it's very easy to have this be home for them.

To watch more real estate webinars curated by Haute Residence, visit www.hauteresidence.com.

east coast real estate webinar Feb 5

Hilary Farnum-Fasth, Nilou Henderson

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