Lawrence Citarelli Talks Marketing Approaches, Standing out from the Competition and Business Philosophy

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What types of marketing systems and approaches do you use to sell a home for your client?

First Hampton International Realty uses a multifaceted, customized and capital intensive approach in to help our clients facilitate a sale. First and foremost is an extensive internet presence. Cutting edge SEO keeps FHIR at the top of all searches in our sales area. Through web affiliations and aggregate sites, our listings literally circle the globe on over 60 websites and translated in 17 languages.

We also employ professional photography, aerial and video tours replete with a host of print mediums and tailored events.  First Hampton International also has hundreds of affiliations with Real Estate companies all over the world. The end result is a well developed, acutely initiated plan that is both well balanced and extremely effective.

What sets you apart from your competition in your market?

First Hampton International Realty is part of the Lawrence III Group whereby we have created an unsurpassed model of service with everything real estate. This sets us apart from other agencies in many ways. The group consists of First Hampton International Realty, a full service luxury real estate boutique, a luxury auction platform and an asset to asset trading venue, Citadom Holdings, an international RE Investment & development company along with Lawrence III Corp., a multi award winning design and construction company. These entities combined can service clients and facilitate real estate transactions by providing information and expertise from various platforms. Land use, zoning and financial analysis, global access, design, permit expediting to aerial tours and construction are all right at our agents fingertips. Led by Congressional award winner Lawrence Citarelli who is one of the Hamptons main power brokers and the area's most active buyers and proprietary builders, the group is unquestionable leaps and bounds above the competition. The formula has been time tested and absolutely adds a new dimension and level of service.

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