Lailan Bento On Common Selling Mistakes You Should Avoid

Lailan Bento

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Some of the common questions and Common Selling Mistakes you should Avoid when trying to sell your home. Selling a home is a huge, complex process that involves much more than open houses and paid advertisements in the newspaper.

In fact, you may find that selling a home or property can be just as stressful as buying. In between the mountains of paperwork, home inspections and the bidding process, there is a lot that can go wrong if you aren’t fully prepared.

People Ask “How Much Can I Sell My Home For Lailan?” and there are many variables to determine that amount. You home needs to be tidy and decluttered first of all. People that come to see your home want to envision themselves in the home and they can’t do that with all your things there.

Another very important factor to selling your home is having it available to show as much as possible because it can’t be sold and especially for the price you may want if I can’t show it to people easily.

Below are some of the most common selling mistakes you should avoid:

Incorrect Pricing On Your Home Can Hurt Your Sale

Listing your home too high is a very common and costly mistake. Pricing a home at or above its appraisal value can often turn off buyers and lead to large price reductions later on.

In fact, homes that are listed too high take longer to sell and eventually sell for less than homes that are listed at a more reasonable price to begin with. And while it’s tempting to list your home at its appraisal value, be aware that most homes are appraised higher than their true market value in order to encourage re-financing.

Trying to “hard sell” during an open house

Most people who show up at your open house may appear to show interest in your home, but unless they have their realtor with them, they are likely several months away from actually buying.

In fact, the majority of potential buyers at open houses are not necessarily considering your property at all, but rather are taking a look to get a feel of the current market.

While showcasing your home, hold back on marketing to interested parties unless your realtor advises you to do so. In fact, it’s best to hold back while showcasing your home, and let the property speak for itself. Most of the hard selling will occur later.

Not having an understanding of your “rights and responsibilities”

Real estate contracts are complex and confusing documents that may be hard to understand. They are also legally binding.

If you are not fully aware of the terms of your contract, you could wind up with thousands of dollars in repair and inspection bills. Make sure you hire an experienced local realtor to help you, and be sure to ask him or her any questions you may have.

Selling your home will likely be one of the most important financial transactions in your lifetime. It is therefore very important to have as much support as you can get.

By taking the time to hire an experienced real estate agent, you will be less likely to make mistakes, and more likely to sell your home at a great price.

Lailan Bento

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