kliniko’s Humza Arif Shares What A Design Process Looks Like During Construction Phase

Humza Arif

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Photo Credit: kliniko

Dr. Humza Arif is one of South Florida’s native cosmetic and restorative dentists. Graduating from Nova Southeastern University, this aficionado of experience elevated his education and trade by focusing on rehabilitative dentistry. It is in this way minimal invasive dentistry is able to restore natural aesthetics, both mechanical and cosmetic, to their true form. For this reason, the vision of his space kliniko merged flawlessly with Yodezeen Architects. This partnership culminated the senses into an impressionable patient experience and is the “fusion of what we experience as felt through our eyes, the function of oral health and the confidence encompassed in the totality of form. It is why I am ecstatic to bring it to the people of Miami," shares Dr. Arif.

Dr. Humza Arif recently sat down with Haute Design to speak about the construction developments of kliniko's Miami offices.


Haute Design: Your office, kliniko, is currently undergoing construction. Is there an estimated date for the office to be ready?

Dr. Humza Arif: kliniko has been an ongoing development in design, form and operational excellence. The culmination of the three will come together in March 2022.


HD: How much of the design is prepared or completed before this step, if any?

DHA: The design of kliniko was integrated with the form and function of the practice. The architectural development has been in tandem with everything our patients need for the most bespoke experience.


HD: Would you say this is the part of the design process wherein you needed to exercise the most patience?

DHA: Anything beautiful in this world is built with others. Nature coexists and the inspiration from that essence coalesced with the development of leading experts. The architectural design and material of the physical practice inspired the infrastructure and development team, and vice versa. This allows the craft of dentistry to to emerge in an unseen, unexperienced way, more than ever before - something the people of Miami truly deserve.


HD: If you could describe the design style we can expect to see in three words, once the offices are ready, what would they be?

DHA: Three words alone could never capture what the senses will experience. Rather, I am looking forward to hear what my patients think and feel in March 2022.

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