kliniko Miami Reveals Construction and Design Update

Humza Arif

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The highly-anticipated kliniko Miami office is set to open in the coming months.

Photo Credit: kliniko Miami

Dr. Humza Arif offers an update on the office's construction and design.


Haute Design: What is the build update of the most-awaited dental practice in Miami?

Dr. Humza Arif: The inspirations from following leaders in the space has been ongoing and we continue to build kliniko Miami - Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry for completion date of April 2022.


HD: How has the process from design to build gone?

Dr. HA: It has been a very humbling experience. Taking an internal idea and capturing it so beautifully on paper as Yodezeen Architects has been able to do confirms the partnership kliniko and Yodezeen has formed. My team and I feel so grateful for what our patients will be able to experience. As we are now in the physical construction phase, it is becoming more and more tangible. The element of design simply cannot be overstated.


HD: Has your background helped in this process?

Dr. HA: As you know, I have always had an underlying passion for architectural form and function. I have applied the craft of dentistry as it relates to oral health and have kept the highest standards for both. Much like in the creation for a beautiful smile, we have been relentless in our pursuit for the ultimate space. Seeing the progression of kliniko as made tangible by our contractors under the guidance of Yodezeen has captured that idea with such precision.

Photo Credit: kliniko Miami

HD: Do you have any design concepts our readers can see as we await fro the grand opening of kliniko Miami?

Dr. HA: Absolutely. I am thrilled to share some our photos with you. We have a phenomenal creative director and you'll be able to see photos throughout our social media platforms, including the kliniko Miami Instagram , the kliniko Miami Flickr page, as well as Haute Living.


HD: As we continue to move through 2022, what insights or advice would you give others who are on similar journeys of design?

Dr. HA: The concept of self as made tangible through spaces we experience should be exactly that. Let your own internal experiences flow outward in the design you want to capture. Don't settle for anything less than that. Our place in the world is to partake in the experiences of others and give of ourselves for the betterment of those experiences. Moving into this new year of 2022, we should always remember that we are one - architecture and design brings us together to share, experience and to be a vessel for pushing the boundaries of what we know.

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