Karlee Coble Wants To Put Herself In Your Shoes

Karlee Coble – Elevated Interiors

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Karlee Coble

Photo Credit: Ian Coble Photography

Karlee Coble Interiors is an elevated interior design firm that specializes in luxury residential and commercial interiors.  For the past 18 years they have been celebrating the art of living and experiencing refined interior spaces.  Their projects range from San Francisco to Seattle including single family residences and urban hospitality.

Founder and Principal, Karlee Coble herself, recently took the time to give Haute Design a glimpse into her thought process regarding her firm's future, when she knew she wanted to begin designing and her design philosophy.


Haute Design: Have you always wanted to become a designer? If you were not the esteemed and notable interior designer you are today, what would you like to be?

Karlee Coble: By the time I was seven years old, I knew would be a designer. I would rearrange my room, play with fabrics from my mom's sewing room, and spend hours in my dad's wood shop, trying to build things. It was things at the time, since I really didn't have the skills to use a saw or even a hammer. I was never really sure why I was so girly at times, and yet such a tomboy at others, but the first time I walked onto a construction site, it all became very clear.

In my free time, I love to be near the ocean. As a child, I collected facts about marine life as a result of my complete fascination with the sea. If I had to switch feet and do something different, I would definitely find myself studying ocean life.


HD: Describe your own interior design style. 

KC: I don't have one.

I know it sounds funny, but I love all styles and find myself wanting to paint a project every color of the rainbow one minute, and the next project I design can have a space that is completely neutral, without a speck of color. For me, it comes down to how my clients want to live in their spaces, what makes them feel like it is THEIR space and what works with the existing geography and architecture of the house or building.

Photo Credit: Ian Coble Photography

HD: You are based in the San Francisco area. Is your environment and surrounding reflected in your work?

KC: I work on several projects from Seattle, to San Francisco, to San Diego. We are currently working on a single family residence in Portola Valley and a 13,000 square-foot house in Montecito, CA. It all inspires me up and down the West Coast. I love the urban grit of West Coast cities and the cool, calmness of the oceanfront landscape. It is heavily reflected in my work, because my clients almost always want that coastal vibe or the urban West Coast city style.


HD: Describe your ideal customer experience.

KC: We prefer to have our clients be a part of the process the entire way, through design and construction. This creates the ideal customer experience, resulting in a completely satisfied client. We think it's a good thing if they are pushed just a touch out of their comfort zone.


HD: Do you have a favorite part of a home when working on a private residence project?

KC: I love powder rooms. It's the one little part of the house where everyone is willing to have a little too much fun. It's just the powder room...

Photo Credit: Ian Coble Photography

HD: What is the main thing that distinguishes your firm from the rest?

KC: We like to make the client laugh throughout the process and we really strive to put ourselves in the client's shoes. Creating a calm and happy space for our client is our job and why not have some fun along the way?


HD: Where do you see Karlee Coble Interiors in the next five years?

KC: Continuing to create elevated interiors for homeowners and building owners up and down the West Coast.

Photo Credit: Ian Coble Photography

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