Justen Alias Launches Nexus, a Sports & Entertainment Relocation Network

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You do not need to own property to profit in the real estate market. With the right experience and tools, almost anyone can successfully weather the real estate storms to make a profit. Initiative remains the key pointer towards starting in this space. From discovering a niche to setting up a business and winning clients' trust, it is a long journey but a rewarding one.

Justen Alias is a prominent luxury realtor and entrepreneur. He is one of the leading realtors and has set himself apart in the competitive industry by offering a unique approach to carrying out his business. Justen has continued to provide luxury real estate solutions to sports and entertainment clients. Owing to the busy schedules and lifestyles of athletes and entertainers, Justen works hand in hand with sports agents, managers, athletes, YouTubers, actors, and musicians to help his clients achieve their dreams of becoming homeowners.

To achieve this, Justen joined a national sport and entertainment real estate and relocation network called Nexus. The network's primary goal is to provide real estate and relocation for athletes, entertainers, executives, and high-net-worth individuals. The network consists of realtors, insurance advisors, current athletes, retired athletes, moving companies, and concierge. Some of the network's services include personal concierge services, access to luxury homes, access to top lenders, and relocation services for current and retired athletes and musicians.

As a trailblazer in the luxury real estate business, Justen's experience in the marketing dynamics and business approach has seen the network close collaboration deals with NBA players and other prominent names in the entertainment industry. Quite notable among his many accomplishments is selling a home to one of the most famous YouTubers, Caylus Cunningham. "Helping Caylus was a great achievement as he was a first-time home buyer; I assisted him with finding his dream home," he excitedly shared.

"My business has been featured in RealTrends publications, and I have won multiple awards at my company for being one of the top sales agents. I have also been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine and Yahoo Sports. In addition, I just joined one of the very exclusive brokerages in Miami - the premier luxury broker Compass. This is a very exclusive opportunity," added Justen.

Like many businesses, succeeding in luxury real estate is challenging. While many erroneously think it to be a smooth sail, numerous challenges can make it harder to break through in the market, such as the need for more listings, the high lead cost compared to the conversion ratio, the increased presence of virtual estate agents, and many more. However, Justen overcame the challenges by thinking outside the box and going the extra mile to carve a specific niche in the sports and entertainment industry. Most importantly, Justen has mastered the art of providing customized service to his clients, giving them a run for their money.

In his career in the real estate business, Justen has learned that creating solid and trustworthy relationships plays a crucial role in succeeding in the industry. In addition, he emphasized the place of standing out in service delivery as a means of attracting and retaining your dream clients. These two teachings have helped Justen make a name in the business and should be creatively taught and replicated in the industry.

Justen is determined to continue growing his business and network. He aspires to be the premier luxury realtor in Miami. In addition, he hopes to see Nexus become the premier relocation service for professional athletes and celebrities.

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