Joyce Rey Talks Dream Homes

Joyce Rey

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Describe your dream home. What are its most defining features, and why?

My dream home is fortunately my own.  It is a very unique award-winning Mid-Century architectural masterpiece that I purchased before entering the real estate profession. At that time in the '70s, Mid Century architecture was not the vogue.  I recently remodeled it with the fabulous work of architect Mark Rios, builder Gordon Gibson and designer Waldo Fernandez.  It perfectly suits my needs with two exceptional pavilions, one serves as my living room and the other as my master bedroom.  Each room has beautiful white oak soaring ceilings re-crafted to match the original angular design. The floor-to-ceiling walls of glass look out to very mature trees and beautiful landscaping which gives me total privacy.  I am minutes from Rodeo Drive and my office, but feel the rural countryside all around me.  My home is truly my sanctuary.  My beautiful new Poliform kitchen is right out of the pages of Architectural Digest.  My spacious master new bath is a delightful sunlit retreat each morning as I prepare for my day.

What is the hardest part in finding a dream home for others?

Very often, buyers do not know what they want and surprisingly buy the opposite of what they think they want. The other obvious difficulty is that often buyer wish lists do not match their pocketbooks.

What do you do to ensure your clients find their dream home?

I leave no stone unturned, I am patient and determined to satisfy my wonderful clientele and locate a dream home for them

To learn more, visit Joyce Rey on her Haute Residence profile, blog and website.

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