John C. Ferry Discusses the Lifestyle in Kauai

John C. Ferry

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The residential crowd is made up of…

Local families; diverse cultures; mainland transplants who want to leave the rat race behind; surf, ocean, and outdoor enthusiasts; and vacationers from across the globe. In Hawaiian terms, it’s a “mixed plate.”

The community vibe is…

Very “aloha.” The island is made up of small communities, so it’s easy to make new friends and meet your neighbors. Each community definitely has its own flavor, from funky beach towns to exclusive neighborhoods, to “city” living—city being a little tongue-in-cheek for our largest town, Lihue. Most are aware of the special environment they get to live in, and enjoy and focus on preserving it for future generations.

The lifestyle offered is…

Kauai offers a myriad of lifestyles. In general, it is a very laid-back atmosphere. However, for the active crowd, there is an abundance of outdoor activities you can do year-round—surf, swim, dive, hike, cycle, run, kite, sail, yoga—and the list goes on. Or you can relax poolside with a Mai Tai at any number of resorts; barbecue with your family and friends and “talk story”; enjoy balmy trade winds on near vacant beaches (any more than 10 is a crowd to us)—the list is infinite.

The neighborhood stands apart from its surrounding residential environs because…

The island of Kauai is a county in the state of Hawaii and is the oldest of the major islands in the Hawaiian chain. Kauai is also called the “Garden Island.” Most of Kauai is green and country with most development taking place along the coastline. The interior of the island is lush, green and undeveloped. There are majestic mountain ranges that jut up from the sea with waterfalls cascading down. The air smells so wonderful from the fragrance of nearby flowers. The sea can be calm with not a ripple to be seen, or it can be high-energy with sets rolling in—the surf that so many crave. At any time, the most brilliant rainbow can light up the sky, or a stunning sunset or sunrise can take your breath away. These are the things you’ll notice first and most when you’re here.


The most popular building type you’ll find is…

Designed to enhance an indoor/outdoor lifestyle; it’s plantation-style—laid-back meets luxury.

The average home price…

Varies according to neighborhoods and communities, but is more affordable than you might think.

The area’s greatest highlight is… 

The entire island of Kauai is one big highlight reel. The view of Hanalei Bay surrounded by majestic mountains and waterfalls on the north shore; the east side’s coconut coast lined with coconut palms that provide a dramatic foreground for every sunrise along with easily visited waterfalls; the south side with its rolling hills and sunny beaches; and last but not least, the west side with the Na Pali coast, Koke’e State Park and Waimea Canyon. Those are just the highlights, but there are so many amazing things in between. It’s an adventure from beginning to end.


The area’s best driving-distance getaways are:

See the answer above. We live on a small island, each area with its own climate and beautiful scenery. We can drive from the north end to the south side and end up with a completely different feel/vibe. Or, you can just take a five minute drive and hit any number of beaches or trails and sometimes have your own private space. We don’t really have a place we want to “getaway” to since we live in the land of “getaway”.

The best spot(s) to…Dine casually:

Any number of restaurants, plate lunches, food trucks, deli’s. Kauai is the land of casual.

The best spot(s) to…Dine fancily:

The Kauai Grill at The St. Regis at Princeville.

Kaui Griil

The best spot(s) to…Dine with a large group

There are many hotels and restaurants on island that will cater to a large group. With enough notice, they are happy to accommodate any large party.

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