Jennifer Brilliant On Surfside Real Estate During The 3rd Quarter Of 2020

Jennifer Brilliant

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Editor's note: Real estate expert Jennifer Brilliant talks about  Surfside / Bay Harbor Islands / Bal Harbour, FL real estate during the 3rd quarter of 2020 in this Q&A with Haute Residence.

How did the third quarter of 2020 real estate perform in Surfside? How has your market been doing so far this year compared to this time last year?

The third quarter was extremely busy and there were a lot of sales in Surfside. There were 41 sales (single-family and condos) this year in July, August, and September compared to 23 sales during that same time period last year. It is true that there have been a lot of people moving here from the northeast and other areas, but most of my sales during the 3rd quarter were actually locals who wanted to upsize (bigger house, bigger yard with a pool, etc.) or moving from a condo to a house.

Jennifer Brilliant - blog oct 2020Photo Credit: iUsePhotography

Do you expect a more or less active 4th quarter for this year than previous years?

I expect the 4th quarter to be more active than previous years. There are currently 17 pending sales in Surfside and it is only the middle of October. Last year, we had a very strong 4th quarter with 36 homes sold but we usually see less than that. I think that people will continue to make moves to the area, whether is it locals changing their living situation or people from other states seeking less density, better weather, or tax relief.

Jennifer BrilliantPhoto Credit: iUsePhotography

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