Jeff Hyland Talks Los Angeles Residents’ Favorite Activities and What Homebuyers Should Do Before House Hunting

Jeff Hyland

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What are some of the most common recreational activities residents of your region like to partake in? Are there any specific spots they like to frequent to enjoy such to-do’s?

Los Angeles is a year-round playground because of our perfect weather, beaches, mountains, and Hollywood. Growing up, we would go skiing at Big Bear in the morning, get some sun and lunch in Palm Springs, and then hurry to Malibu for surfing and a BBQ at sunset. Where else in the world can you do that?

Griffith Park has always been a hot spot for recreation in the city. The quiet winding roads make it a popular place to go hiking, bike riding, and horseback riding. There’s also a golf course, baseball fields, and the Los Angeles Zoo. Best of all is the art deco observatory, famed for its movie location shoots and mountain and sea views.

On the Westside, Will Rogers State Park offers some of the best scenic hiking and equestrian trails in the area; you wouldn’t believe you are in the city. You can even catch a polo game on the weekends. I personally enjoy this park for its history. Everyone has seen the Will Rogers name on signs throughout the Westside, but may not realize he was the most popular and highest paid actor during his time. He began developing the ranch in the 1920s on 186 acres, complete with an incredible ranch house, stables, corrals, and riding arena. His widow donated the ranch to the state in 1944 and it is now a historic state park. I highly recommend taking a tour of the grounds.

Name three things those looking to purchase a new home should do even before beginning their searches.

The most important thing to do is to clear your mind. Often times the perfect home for you isn’t what you initially envisioned. It’s best to go in with an open mind and consider factors beyond the style of the home such as location, privacy, lot size, and views. These will have the largest impact on your resale value; you can always redecorate or remodel a home to your desired style. Always remember: what you start out looking for is not what you end up buying.

I also recommend spending time in the neighborhoods you are considering during different times of the day and week. Use your senses; observe what the busy streets are; listen for noisy restaurants or construction happening in the area.  You don’t want to find these things out after you purchased your home. The most important point is to remember you are a tenant in your own house. Buy it with resale always in mind. Sooner or later you will become a seller and you don't want the custom changes you make to hurt your sale chances or narrow the market of available buyers.

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