Jack Ovadia Designs An Amazing Home

Ovadia Design Group

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Editor’s Note: The Metropolitan residence being featured this month is a project that Jack Ovadia holds dear to his heart. Every detail was attended to with such care and devotion. One of his finest works without a doubt.

Jack Ovadia Nov2019 1Photo Credit: Francis Dzikowski

From the moment you enter the home, you are overwhelmed by its overall warmth. The foyer is so grand with its café au le’ marble flooring bordered by mosaic tiling and wooden frame. The right wall has decorative screens that are as much a piece of artwork as a provider of privacy. The elegant staircase that seems to flow down into the foyer takes center stage!

Photo Credit: Francis Dzikowski

The living room is decorated in art deco style. Entertaining in that room must bring importance and fun to any meeting! Don’t miss the flat screen TV that is camouflaged by a very unassuming mirror that is just above the fireplace.

The recreational features of this home are remarkable! It puts this family at the ready for good times! From the traveling bar in the dining room, that serves as a stationary buffet in the dining room. It can also be pushed out from the wall and used as a bar when the occasion calls for it.

Photo Credit: Francis Dzikowski

There is an adult den that can be accessed from the master suite; a perfect retreat for its owners.

Jack Ovadia Nov2019 4Photo Credit: Francis Dzikowski

The children will be busy at play in their indoor playground. The basement is designed like an outdoor playground with carpeting that appears like grass, a full-sized basketball hoop, and a jungle gym. The children are well attended to without even knowing through a laundry room window that appears to them as just a mirror.

Jack Ovadia Nov2019 5Photo Credit: Francis Dzikowski

If the heavenly description of this home hasn’t sold you yet, there is a full fitness and spa, fully equipped with wet and dry saunas!

Jack Ovadia Nov2019 6Photo Credit: Francis Dzikowski

For more on Jack Ovadia, visit www.hauteresidence.com/designer/ovadia-design-group/.

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