Ivey Design Build Strives To Deliver The Best Service And Nothing Less

Kirk Ivy

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When he started his own firm, Ivey Design Build, Kirk Ivy started building his great reputation for his trustworthy, honest and ethical way of conducting business. Kirk has worked in international markets, using his expertise in construction, interior design, and information technology architecture to thrive in this industry.

Haute Design reached out to Kirk to learn more about the luxury experience Ivey Design Build provides within the construction industry.

Haute Design: At what point did you realize you had a passion for design and architecture?

Kirk Ivy: When I was in college, I wanted to be an aircraft engineer, but I quickly realized I did not have a true passion for it. That's when I switched my studies toward architecture. However, from the beginning, it was all triggered by the desire to help my mother remodel our home.  I was overseeing the project and I quickly realized it was something I truly enjoyed doing. From there, I helped a friend manage a small plaza project, which led me to what I now call home, Ivey Design Build.


HD: You hail from Kingston, Jamaica and are based in Miami, FL. Do you believe your Caribbean upbringing and heritage lends itself to a better understanding of what is necessary to construct tropical and sea-side residences?

KI: Absolutely, there is a great synergy between Florida and the Caribbean!

Miami is a magical destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and for those who wish to enjoy tropical sunny weather throughout the year. The relaxed environment in the beautiful homes we build, with emphasis on open spaces which allow for as much natural light as possible, taking advantage of our constant proximity to the ocean.

The layout process is always thoughtfully planned so that it adequately relates to the ocean and surrounding. After all, views are the main focus in our custom build spaces. Thanks entirely to due time spent deliberating upon every last detail before taking action. We deliver an impeccable and tailored experience to our clients. Our mission is to satisfy each of our client's unique taste and style, to ensure we deliver an IVEY Experience every time.

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HD: It has been said that your goal is to improve and provide a luxury experience throughout the construction industry. Could you tell us a little bit more about that?

KI: We emphasize on consistently providing our clients luxury concierge service. This way, the client can experience the construction process seamlessly as it is perfectly tailor-made to their expectations.


HD: What do you think makes Ivey Design Build stand apart from other design firms?

KI: Ivey Design Build is always in search of exceptional talent in order to make every home extraordinary. Custom is what we do - always setting the standard for superior craftsmanship and an exceptional finish. We play by the book and always conduct business in a trustworthy, honest and ethical way - clients value that.

Photo Credit: Lifestyle Production

HD: Where do you see your firm five years from now? What vision do you have for the future of Ivey Design Build?

KI: The vision is to not only maintain our high standards and expectations but to continue to build upon them and make them better. With the right technology and the right people beside me, I believe we will grow in the right direction and continue to give our clients the best service and nothing less.

Photo Credit: Lifestyle Production

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