It’s Three Times the Luxury Inside These Opulent Homes

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Have you ever read Tolstoy’s story entitled The Three Questions? It begins with a certain king thinking that if he had answers to three specific questions, he would never fail at anything: (1) How can one always know the right time to act?, (2) Who are the people to whom one should listen and trust?, and (3) What affairs are the most important and worthy of one’s attention?

So, the story basically involves that king, a hermit (visualize Yoda here), and an injured warrior. When the paths of these three collide, the king obtains the answers to his three questions, which essentially are life lessons; all of which are timeless and you'll want to live by: (1) there is only one time that is most important – and that is the present moment; it’s where all your power is; (2) the most important person is always the person with whom you are engaging at any one particular moment in time; and (3) the most important thing for you to do, is to create pleasantries and experience the joys of life.

Knowing this, the time is right now for you to revel in the most beautiful surroundings; take a minute or two and peruse these homes whereby you'll experience many present moments of unlimited joy.

Bask In This Opulence Now

Opulent Homes

All who live here share in the joy of luxury.

Opulent Homes

All those who sleep here awaken to experience a real-life dream world.

Share The Opulence With Those You Cherish

Opulent Homes

Imagine you, your family and close friends taking in this panoramic view.


In this bedroom, your guests are sure to bask in the luxurious as well.

Inspired Opulence Brings Joy

Opulent Homes

After a blissful day, sit here and read some more Tolstoy. You'll be sure to experience inspiration first-hand, making your present moment the most powerful to date.


All images courtesy of Sotheby's International Realty


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