An Interior Designer’s Guide To Wellness: Self-Care Starts At Home

Tina Ramchandani

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Editor’s Note: Interior designer Tina Ramchandani of Tina Ramchandani Creative knows the deep connection that exists between a home and its occupants. Here, she talks to Haute Design about how “self-care starts at home”.

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Accessorize with a minimalistic lens

Carefully curating objects that serve as conversation pieces can promote human connection and encourage you to be present while at home. Filtering what we surround ourselves with on a daily basis instead of incorporating loads of home accessories based strictly on what you like is strategic and meaningful. I want my clients to be surrounded by the things that matter so they’re able to focus on the people who matter, all while maintaining a clutter-free space.

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Incorporate elements that encourage healthy sleep patterns

It’s no secret that quality sleep is essential for managing stress and when it comes to designing a bedroom and there are many things that can be done to encourage healthy sleep patterns. From a soft color palette to incorporating dimmable lighting and saving room in the budget for a good set of breathable sheets like the ones offered by Sferra are all on the list. Another important piece of the puzzle is a supportive mattress like the ones offered by Hästens.

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Creating areas to entertain outdoors will help to reconnect you with nature and promote daily grounding, a therapeutic technique that involves outdoor activities that put you in direct contact with the earth. This practice explains how electrical charges from the earth can have positive effects on your body.

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Designed in partnership with Winter McDermott Design

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Choose your colors and textures wisely

Mixing a variety of textures with the right color palette can help you manage emotions, stabilize mood swings and provide a tranquil environment encouraging meditation. Unless the client is looking for something specific, I tend to gravitate towards cooler colors with warm undertones that evoke a sense of serenity. Think neutrals with interest including aqua’s, grays and clean whites.

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Customization is key

Customizing things like coffee tables and carpeting to be the exact size, color or shape for your space ensures everything is a perfect fit. This helps reduce visual noise which can cause stress, and also creates layers of interest into your design scheme.

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The idea of minimal design and everything having a place can help encourage healthy habits at home making it easier to keep things tidy. Working from home is becoming more common across many industries nowadays and this concept is especially important when it comes to a home office.

Self-care indeed starts at home! For more on Tina Ramchandani and Tina Ramchandani Creative, visit her Haute Residence profile.

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