Inside Faena House’s $55 Million Penthouse

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The penthouse at Faena House Miami Beach is the second most expensive residential property on the market in Miami-Dade County, at an impressive $55 million. (It is the third if you consider a triple-lot whopper on Indian Creek Island, but to spend the night there you’d have to bring an RV camper) Exterior renderings have been around for a long time, but check out these interior images of the unit. Since long before the Norman Foster-designed tower’s completion a few years ago, this trophy property has grabbed attention for its extravagant cost, its location as part of one of the most interesting developments in Miami, the Faena District, and even the one-time mystery of its current owner, billionaire Kenneth Griffin, whose name was shrouded in secrecy for about a month after purchase. That’s when the property made records as part of the most expensive residential real estate sale ever in Miami-Dade when Griffin bought it and another unit directly below it for $60 million. That second unit, Penthouse B, is listed separately for $18 million.

The over-8,000 square foot interior is encircled with an over-7,000 square feet of exterior balcony that wraps the entire circumference of the unit. You can literally jog laps around the penthouse. Although the unit is primarily on one floor, an oceanfront infinity pool on the roof feels as if it’s floating on top of the world.

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