Indoor/Outdoor Living Creates Unprecedented Premier Luxury

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It’s been said that the silence between the notes makes the music. That a gap between the said and the unsaid is where the meaning is found, if there is any. And that betweenness cannot be labelled, nor can it be interpreted. It can only be felt.

And the following residential spaces elicit that in-between feeling: where wall-less indoor/outdoor living creates the most magnificent real estate splendor yet to be experienced; where undefinable opulence comes alive to have architectural beauty made bountiful, home design made flourishing. And what better time than now -in this dichotomous world of celebrity, labels and brands- to have boundaries blurred in order to create a luxuriousness never before experienced. Never before felt. Never before called home. Until now.

The Living Room

You’re inside and your glass wall is retractable. No division here.

The view of what lies beyond is actually your wall window.

The Bedroom

To awaken here, is to sleep amongst the angels in the City of Angels.

And nighttime tells the story that dreams come true.

The indoor/outdoor effect creates a whole new luxury dreamscape. Experiential and exquisite in nature.

The En Suite

Glass walls in the bathroom elicit a serenity that can only be complemented by towering verdant shrubbery. And a towering star-studded night sky.

The Pool Area

A view of the city, coupled with a view of the glamorous indoors, is easily celebrated on this deck.

At one time or another, you probably experienced that in-between space: a soft silence gently piercing the thin veil of night just before morning arrives; the state between sleep and wakefulness. Being in the realm of neither here, nor there is the in-between where vastness and minuteness reside; where emptiness and wholeness unite; where “either/or” becomes “and.” So, why not always reside in that luxurious realm?

The above zeitgeist living spaces have created a new betweenness of unquestionable indoor/outdoor luxury. So, the time is now for you to be limitless – to get lost in the in-between and experience an avant-garde that only resides in that betweenness. It’s where the gypsy in your soul will meet the homemaker in your heart. In nothing less than premier luxury, of course.


All images are courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate


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