How Joe Human Transformed A Historic Loft Building in Union Square

Joe Human

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Editor’s Note: Joe Human is the visionary mastermind and founder of Design by Human, a renowned interior design firm based in New York City with experiences in urban and rural environments and a background in construction. Understanding that no two projects are ever the same, Design by Human focuses on tailoring their expertise to curate a special and unique space for each client. Here, we caught up with Joe Human who gives us an inside perspective into the firm’s latest project in Union Square in Manhattan.

“This project was a really special project for me that I have been working on for about three years now.  We took a historic and Landmarked store and loft building and split up the condos inside to 4 identical, 2 bedroom 2 bathroom units and one 4 floor penthouse (PH to be completed this fall).  We spent time working with the brokers, the developer and owners to come up with a functional and usable floor plan with neutral but high-quality materials which are not seen in a lot of new developments.  The bathrooms are full with heated floors and marble from floor to ceiling, central heat and AC.  Technical details that are not seen in this project that make it unique are the extensive soundproofing we designed to make a wood-framed structure sound like a new concrete building, once inside there is very little outside noise,” says Joe Human.

What was the inspiration behind this project?  How would you describe this project and what design aesthetic would it fall under?

This project’s inspiration comes from mixing its industrial roots as a factory building to what the Union Square area is now as a vibrant and modern mix of both culture and architecture.  The interior has a clean modern feel while the exterior of the building remained in its Landmarked status with repairs to make it ready for another 100 years.

What elements did you use to bring this design concept to life?

One of the big elements that we found upon demolition were the beautiful brick walls.  We choose to expose them in certain areas to give back some of the original architecture that was once covered up.

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