Home Is Where The Hart Is: Kevin Hart Teams Up With Property Brothers For A Very Special Project

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Kevin HartPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Though friendships are not transactional, and no kind act or favor can reimburse the genuine benevolence and care of a best friend, it feels wonderful to be appreciated and recognized for one’s true support, especially when the appreciation of a friend has the potential to completely transform and improve one’s home. For Kevin Hart and his personal trainer and close friend Ron Everline, commonly known as “Boss,” this is exactly the case. A heart-warming episode of HGTV’s acclaimed Celebrity IOU, available for streaming on discovery+ as of July 5th, celebrates Kevin Hart and Boss’ friendship as Hart works to renovate Boss’ property.

Beloved comedian, actor, and producer, Kevin Hart, can handle anything, and often does so with a smile on his face and by employing his well-known comedic genius, but even Hart finds himself sometimes needing the assistance of a professional and/or friend. After a life-altering and devastating car crash left Hart severely set-back and unable to walk, Boss was unequivocally encouraging, helpful, and involved through every step of Hart’s recovery process. Now, with his health and mobility back in check, and his heart fonder than ever toward Boss, Kevin Hart aims to demonstrate his profound appreciation for his selfless friend. Hart, in tandem with adept renovation and real estate professionals, Drew and Jonathan Scott, collaborate to remodel Boss’ deteriorating back-house into an upscale, exciting, and sleek retreat for the altruistic friend. 

The newest episode of Celebrity IOU follows Hart and the Scott twins' journey to remodel Boss’ place and is full of opportunity for both laughter and tender moments. During the episode, Hart and the brothers redesign the back house’s kitchen and main areas to be reflective of Boss’s personal style and motivational mantras and even choose to include a barbershop area as a reference to how the good friends first met getting their hair cut back in 2003. The episode highlights Hart’s little-known flair and expertise for design, and of course, demonstrates Hart’s golden heart and infectious attitude. 

Though the home design renovations, featuring a hidden bar, large stone kitchen island, and expansive entertainment-emphasizing living area serve as phenomenal touches, Hart’s words and motivations are what show his true gratitude for his friend. The personal stories and intentions move Boss, the Scott brothers, and fans alike, and serve to reveal both Boss and Hart’s character, and underscore the power of their friendship. 

Watch Hart’s gratuitous renovation journey, Boss’ touching surprise, and find renovation design tips on HGTV’s Celebrity IOU on discovery+.

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