Holguin Interiors Talks Inviting Living Spaces and Holiday Decor

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In the winter months, it’s even more important to create a homey, warm space for family and guests. What is your top advice for designing a cozy, inviting living space?

For the winter & holidays I always tell clients to change out their pillows, throws, candles and some accessories for a quick change of seasons. If possible, I go as far as changing their area rugs & some paint colors.

Holiday décor can easily enter the realm of ‘hokey’ or contrived. What are some important tips to keep in mind when decorating a sophisticated interior for the holidays?

I have redecorated some of my luxury client’s spaces for the holidays and I always tell them to keep in mind the phrase 'less is more,' even through the holidays. I do not mean to be a humbug, but I prefer adding tasteful decorations.

If you could change one element of a room to improve people’s first impression of the space, what would it be? Why?

Paint color can make a room change from cold to warm, from glam to earthy and even change the mood people feel while in a room.

Are there any design trends you’d like to see disappear as quickly as they came?

Yes, the taxidermy & obvious signage trends can disappear. If you are not a hunter, why the need to put antlers on your walls? I also do not find the need for all these wooden letters & words all over the house.

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