High-End Fitness Equipment For Your Home Gym

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Jay Wright designs beautiful fitness centers. He has been in the business for years and outfits and manages luxury buildings with high-end gyms to meet the residents’ expectations and needs. As the founder and CEO of The Wright Fit, his philosophy is that there are no shortcuts on the path to excellence and he holds his gym designs to the same level of quality.

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15 Hudson Yard’s Wright Fit designed gym

Wright says the key features to any gym are based on the size, geometry and the intended use of the space. “All of that lends itself the layout and equipment selection. Having said that, we are dealing with demographic of very savvy fitness consumers who have a broader more extensive knowledge base of fitness equipment due to social media. We believe in curating a vast selection of essential functional equipment that depending upon the client’s needs and aesthetic.”

Wright says equipment has come a long way. “We work with a bunch of luxury weight vendors from around the world. The great thing is that manufacturers are paying attention to aesthetics and we are able to develop bespoke equipment customized specifically to the client.”

The biggest warning he has about outfitting a gym is to beware of fads. The equipment listed below is luxurious, gorgeous and will stand the test of time. So read, take notes, and then build that gym and your stamina in style.

PENT Fitness

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PENT fitness equipment, manufactured in Poland, is the most stunning fitness equipment on the market. In fact, this equipment is so gorgeous it seems sinful to sweat on it. But that is what they are made for and it will make any home gym ooze luxury while providing a great strength workout at the same time.

PENT says their products are not just fitness equipment, they are pieces of furniture. Some may argue, they are pieces of art. PENT boasts they make custom fitness equipment for yachts, luxury hotels and spas and the home.

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Handmade PENT equipment come with the choices to select the type of wood, walnut, oak, sycamore or elm and combine it with stainless steel or bronze finishes.

The old world elegant 20 East End Avenue gym has the walnut PENT series and the result is simply stunning.


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Founded in their home garage in 1983 by two brothers, Nerio and Pierluigi Alessandri, Technogym has come a long way. TechnoGym’s insanely high-tech, super cool equipment provide a variety of wild workouts fit for olympians. Their “treadmill” called Skillrun looks like a treadmill but is so much more. Skillrun offers a wide variety of exercises and innovative technology: it can reach speeds of 30 kilometers per hour, has incline and decline options, simulates running with a parachute and offers “sled training” (simulating pushing a huge weight across the turf). All at the same time as it provides running and biofeedback data. This is a must for any serious athlete.

101 West 78th Street’s  fitness center TechnoGym’s Personal Range which includes kinesis equipment, treadmills, cross trainers and their “power personal” which provides over 300 exercise options.


Douglas Bayerlein, the President of Woodway USA, explains, “The customer orders a product, it is made to order and that’s what we do. We build treadmills. Do one thing and do it right.”

Woodway developed a that reduces the friction and wear associated with the conventional conveyor belt style-treadmill by developing a ball-bearing transportation system with an entirely new slat style running surface.

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The running surface is the ideal softness to eliminate the harmful shock to connective tissue while not changing proper biomechanics. Additionally, the low friction ball bearing transportation system alleviates the forces to all mechanical and electrical parts, resulting in less wear, less maintenance, fewer repairs, lower electric bills, and a longer overall treadmill life.

Their non-motorized treadmill uses the curved running surface which users are can control their pace. To speed up, simply start running, to slow down, allow yourself to drift down the curve. It is all about body position and gravity.


Jay Wright is a fan of Keiser. He says, “Keiser equipment has been around building quality equipment for a long time, but they are very new to the public awareness.  The pneumatic pressure system they use provides quantitative date (to the user or coach) and is great for training speed and power, as well as, rehabilitation and physical therapy.”

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Peloton has really corned the indoor cycling market and has a great product with super online class offerings but the lesser known Keiser bikes are sleek and provide a super smooth indoor cycling ride. They also have an app that collects all the bike computer’s data to store and compare your workouts.

Wright will be expanding his own Performance Lab, from their current 1,500 square foot facility West Chelsea to close to 11,000 square feet. Anyone can be trained by Wright and his trainers, try all his top equipment and then build their dream home gym.

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