Here’s What Makes Massey Roofing Services The Best Roofing Company In Florida

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After taking Floridian housing to all new heights, Massey Roofing Services is ready to soar. Spearheaded by business partners Chase Massey and Zachary Buchanan, the duo formed a united front to tackle residential, commercial, repair, and replacement roofing and never looked back. With a large team of experts by their side, a passion for positivity, and a powerful one-stop-shop service for all, finding an affordable, second-to-none roofing solution has never been easier.

When choosing a roof in Florida, not all materials are created equal. But as a homeowner, you must select the best quality available to withstand the constant heat and humidity experienced in the sunshine state.

On the other hand, looking out for materials best suited for high winds and flying debris from hurtling hurricanes and severe thunderstorms is a critical factor to consider. So, how do we decide?

Enter Massey Roofing Services, Florida’s residential roofing experts serving you in Lake City, Palm Coast, Palatka, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Lakeside, Gainesville, Fernandina Beach, Saint Augustine, Atlantic Beach, Palm Valley, and more.

Spearheaded by business partners and life-long friends Chase Massey and Zachary Buchanan, the duo united just over a year ago to take on one of Florida’s biggest hard-hitting dilemmas – residential and commercial roofing.

Today, the veteran-owned and operated company is taking its Floridian-based business to all-new heights. Founded by Chase Massey in 2017, his once one-person operation soon scaled when he brought on his partner at the end of 2021.

“I have known Zach my whole life,” Massey smiles. “We even played Junior High football together in Orange Park, Florida. We drifted apart when he went to serve in the military for the special forces, fighting in Afghanistan. But then, by chance, we met again in the same industry. And it was at that moment I knew we had to start working together.”

Fast forward to today, and “what started as a tough grind ended our first quarter together, grossing our first million,” shares Massey. “Now we are on track to be hitting 20 this year.”

Massey and Buchanan have since transformed his newly found venture into a bubbling business with hearts firmly rooted in strong family values. Based on their empowering ethics and loyal success rates, their robust process makes Massey Roofing Services stand out from their competition.

Why? Because Massey Roofing Services provides customers with a one-stop opportunity to get everything they need in trustworthy and reliable hands. Hands devoted “to keeping your family safe and dry.”

With a large team of seasoned vets, the business continues to provide excellence in categories like shingles, flat roofing, metal, and tile. Plus, with “over 100 years of construction and roofing experience, no job is too big.”

Besides leading with loyalties, the company’s heavy focus on quality labor allows for a “detail-oriented, meticulous approach to every single job” they do. In fact, Massey Roofing Services cover everything, from simple residential repairs due to hail and wind damage or normal wear and tear to total roof replacements in the commercial space.

They inspect, propose and execute daily tasks thanks to their team of over 150 employees who complete up to 50 roofs a week – working directly with your insurance carriers as preferred vendors and even offering labor to your local contractors.

“Not only do we do all our roofs, but we do labor for dozens of other contractors in Florida, too,” says Buchanan.

Due to the consistent storms in the area, roofers are held to a higher standard than anywhere else in the US. Wind loads have even reached a staggering 180m/h. For this reason, meeting the requirements to be a roofer in Florida makes it all the more challenging.

However, after growing its operations first, the fully qualified and licensed business pride itself on its strong reputation within the community and are excited to watch it scale in volume and expand even further.

“Our team is constantly growing and growing fast! In the next 3-5 years, I see us being in multiple states offering the same excellence we offer in Florida,” says Massey. “We will also install the newest products, like GAF Solar Shingles!”

Massey Roofing Services' customers' and contractors’ love for their trusting, reliable, and efficient service certainly shows.

“They don't know that subcontractors like us exist,” explains Buchanan. “We carry the worker's comp. Our guys are OSHA 30 certified. We removed so much liability from these guys that they don't have to worry about the operation side.”

He continues, “with us, there's a ton of work for everybody. Nobody steps on each other's toes. And we're relieving so much stress off of them.”

We are “a team that never sleeps! We are there when you need us,” says Massey Roofing Services proudly.

From one roof to another, the structure that protects us against rain, snow, sunlight, wind, and extremes are now being transformed into something more reliable – acting as a more robust protective figure than before. And one powerhouse business that embodies this and more is none other than Massey Roofing Services.

With expertise in various materials, styles, insurance claims, and more, allow the top-rated roofing contractor to serve you the right way.

Massey Roofing Services can serve you in Lake City, Palm Coast, Palatka, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Lakeside, Gainesville, Fernandina Beach, Saint Augustine, Atlantic Beach, Palm Valley, Orlando, Daytona, and Tampa.

Check out their website for your roofing repair/replacement needs.

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