Hawaii Realtor Mark Waite Discuss What Homebuyers Are Seeking On The Island

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With Hawaii being named one of the top places to visit in 2019 by CNN Travel and Business Insider, this tourist retreat has continued to be a sought-after tropical destination and the surge in resort home sales has skyrocketed. Whether home buyers are seeking the tropical oasis to expand their families, or are buying properties for  multigenerational living, Hawaii has proven to be a hotspot for tropical living.

Aside from an ocean view, homebuyers are seeking architecturally sleek styled homes as opposed to traditional estates seen in that past.

“Luxury home buyers are looking for something more modern in look and feel and you don’t get much of that in Hawaii, at least not in Maui. You get a more of traditional, Hawaiian contemporary homes. However, this house actually has the layout and design of a modern home. But was completed as a contemporary home in terms of all the finishes and details. That’s what we are seeing more of, the desire to have the modern feel to a home,” Mark Waite said.

Between the scenic ocean views, stable environment, and year-round temperate climate, homebuyers are faced with exceedingly positive expectations. But there is one determining factor which has tourist flocking to purchase homes in Hawaii: property taxes. “Our property taxes are really low. But, if someone is spending $5-10 million on a house, they are probably not going to be overly worried about property taxes,” Waite said.

With a surge in resort home sales, new modern styled homes, and the ideal tropical destination, Hawaii has continued to prove its unprecedented appeal to tourist and future homebuyers.

Photos courtesy of Mark Waite 

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