Haute Residence to Launch Bi-Annual Magazine

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Haute Residence announces the launch of its elite, members-only magazine to an exclusive market on October 15, 2015. As a millionaire’s guide to luxury real estate, the magazine will highlight Haute Residence’s luxury real estate agents and their million-dollar listings. Each issue will also provide top coverage of world-class designers and architects and highlight trends in luxury home design and architecture.

Haute Residence Luxury Real Estate Network’s more than 100 members, and the markets they represent from all over the world–such as Beverly Hills, Dubai, the Hamptons, Palm Beach, Paris, St. Barth, and more–will be featured.

Twice a year, 35,000 copies of the magazine will be released in Haute Residence’s four most elite markets–Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco–and will target the world’s most affluent buyers through strategic distribution on private jets across 15 American and foreign markets and at exclusive events. A valuable partnership with Empire CLS cars will facilitate product placement in limousines in South Florida, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. In targeting high traffic retail locations, Haute Residence Magazine will also reach millionaires at luxury car dealerships, high-end watch boutiques, and exclusive spas.

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