Haute Online: Exploring the Herman Miller Collection

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Luxury furniture company Herman Miller have always made covetable, gorgeous pieces, but it hasn't always been easy to check them out. That's all changing with the company's move to put their Herman Miller Collection online for exploration. 

The entire line can now be seen via Herman Miller's new online portfolio, which comprises four categories; Living and Lounge, Dining and Meeting, Working and Storage, and Outdoor. The company have said that they created the online portfolio to offer a breadth and depth of products to furnish complete environments in a myriad of settings, both residential and contract, elegant and casual, across a range of prices.

The Herman Miller Collection was founded upon the principles of American industrial designer George Nelson’s modernist approach to creating a permanent collection which would meet all the requirements of modern living. As you can imagine, the line is all-comprising, making it a true heaven for the luxury-minded individual designing their home space.

To view the Herman Miller Collection online, please visit their website. Source courtesy Enpundit. Photos courtesy Herman Miller Collection. 

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