Haute Design Experts Share what Made Them Fall in Love with Design

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Members of the Haute Design Network gush about their love of design.

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Haute Design: What made you fall in love with design?

Hafsa Burt (hb+a Architects): I’d say the ability to imagine the impossible and be able to plan it out so it becomes real. As designers/architects, we have the ability to solve technical and conceptual problems, which is the reason why I fell in love with design. The potential of realizing a concept by taking it to paper and eventually making it a product is quite an addictive process. I have always loved walking through spaces and landscapes and imagining what they could become. It’s a bit of a theater in your head that you organize and churn out functional spaces or objects.


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Rita Chraibi (International Designers by Rita Chraibi): What made me fall in love with design was the ability as an to project myself into a space as an interior designer before it's even been realized. It is an absolutely fascinating and marvelous process which is to imagine and create what comes to me as an inspiration and to be able to express it. It's exactly the same process a painter would go through in front of their white canvas.

I fell madly in love with the design process and the power to make things imagined and inspired come true and become concrete. It is absolutely a unique discovery!

Rita Chraibi

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Guimar Urbina (Guimar Urbina Interiors): The connection with fashion. You don't have to like it, you have to love it. That's what I feel every time I make a design that I present to my clients. I must fall in love with the concept to be able to present or sell it. The place where you live or work must have a connection with your personality, your lifestyle, and what you want to reflect of yourself onto others. Many people think they know what they want but many make mistakes. Love is like choosing a good or bad partner. You must get the connection.

Guimar Urbina

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Leslie Saul (Leslie Saul & Associates): The Dalai Lama said, "Happiness is when you lose track of time." I have always felt happiness and joy when I get involved in an art or design project. I think my love of design came in part from my mother, who was very much into design. My mother also had a perfect color memory, so that if we were out shopping, she knew how to choose something new to go with something old, and when we got home, the colors would match perfectly. Perhaps my love of design and my love for my mother are intertwined.

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