Haute Design Experts Reveal their Design Resolutions for 2022

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Here are some of the goals and aspirations the Haute Design Experts wish to accomplish in 2022.

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Michael Scigliano (MS2 Design Studios): My design resolution for 2022 is to start exploring, using color and pattern in our designs. Don’t get too excited. I will always be the "King of Taupe and Black" but I have been enjoying bringing deep jewel tones into our projects.  This resolution started in mid-2021 and will be apparent when our latest project in New York City is published.  We used deep turquoise, navy blue and ivory in the organic shaped area rugs from Kyle Bunting.

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Michael Miller (Centaur Interiors): CI’s Team resolution for 2022 is to further elevate our client experience with personalized solutions and service that are unparalleled in the industry. We developed and recently implemented a proprietary process for our clients. The comprehensive introduction works as an educational element to familiarize clients with our process from the very beginning of each project. At the same time, it is helping our team gain a holistic understanding of our clients’ lifestyles and expectations. Starting with this solid foundation, we can tailor projects to each individual client, utilizing the most innovative technology, materials, and trusted trade resources.

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Lakesha Rose (L Rose Interiors): To continue to be inspired by all things around me. Whether it be a vase in a client’s home that will drive the design for the whole room or being in the center of rush hour in Tokyo and gaining inspiration for a minimalist design.

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Donte J. Young (The Young Companies): To have the opportunity to design a project that would become a signature project for me and The Young Companies. We have some fascinating things in the works that I believe will align with this resolution for 2022, so I am manifesting it and I look forward to sharing it with you all when the time is right.

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Leslie Saul (Leslie Saul & Associates): To be the best Sherpa who guides our clients successfully up the Mt. Everest of Design Challenges, and leads them to realizing their dreams. To know that we do not need to follow trends and make everything match to be successful. Each individual is unique, so why do so many projects look the same?

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Kirk Ivy (Ivey Design Build): To better utilize technology in our design process. We want to improve the way we work and communicate with clients, so that we can create even better user experiences, efficient service, flawless workflow and outstanding designs. We’ve been researching and experimenting with different software for a little while now and we are convinced that it will play a big role in the near future of our service.

Some of the changes we plan on implementing include converting any manual process into an automated one, investing more in tech, and focusing on training and development for all team members.

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