Gwyneth Paltrow’s Newlywed Home

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This year celebrates a new beginning for Gwyneth Paltrow: her second marriage to writer/director, Brad Falchuk. The couple married September 29th in the backyard of Paltrow’s New York Hamptons home. Each was married once before and both have two children each from prior marriages. Having now blended their individual families into one bunch, where will the Faltrows live?

Well, Paltrow sold her New York apartment in Tribeca last year for over $10 million and currently owns a home in Los Angeles. She’s previously mentioned how Los Angeles has become much more than a showbiz town in recent years, expanding to encompass lively components of technology, fashion, art and food. Her children attend LA schools. And Los Angeles just also happens to be a short commute for Paltrow – a stone’s throw from her Brentwood home to goop’s West Coast offices in Santa Monica. Paltrow is surely preferring LA these days. And why not? The sunshine and Pacific Coast alone are reasons enough.  And so it seems more than plausible that California will be the newlyweds’ primary residence. At least, for now.

However, if the Faltrows decide to purchase a new not-so-humble abode, one thing’s for sure, their new domicile will be infused with Paltrow’s home design style. And so, to get a sense what she prefers, browse these luxury homes that mirror Paltrow’s interior design style: where classic contemporary meets the not-so-status quo.

A Grand Entrance

An entrance way that would make Jane Austen proud will be a must-have for the newlyweds. Paltrow’s current LA home embraces that proper-English-home decor and her former Tribeca home did as well. The foyer in any new abode will surely be a space where the classical and contemporary meet face-to-face at the round table.

Christie’s International Real Estate

It’s quite evident that Paltrow’s love of the classics extends far beyond her movie roles.

An All-White Kitchen

Christie’s International Real Estate

The Faltrow’s kitchen will be sleek, sexy and modern, monochromatic white. White walls, custom white cabinetry and polished white marble countertops that collectively create the most graceful of culinary havens. And it won’t be just for show. Paltrow will surely continue to cook with her children, creating food memories similar to the ones she had, as a child, with her late father.

Gwyneth, Brad and their four kids will surely create cooking traditions of their own while basking in the California sunshine.

Christie’s International Real Estate

And perhaps it will be in her new kitchen that Paltrow may choose to serve the public another one of her best-selling cookbooks.

An Airy Living Room

Christie’s International Real Estate

Paltrow seems to prefer an elegant and graceful color palette for her home decor: delicate whimsical shades of white, pale lavenders, light grays and soft silvers that together create a refined living room that is also cozy. Similar in taste to Paltrow’s choice of fashion apparel on the red carpet, no?

This living room is definitely Paltrow design proof. The subtle layering of textures, coupled with a classical marble fireplace, creates an ethereal ambience that enhances the artwork, as well as any hand-painted wallpapers.

Christie’s International Real Estate

Attention to unique art pieces, hanging light fixtures and a subdued wall color allows for a soft tone to emerge, a lightness of being. Pastel silks, hand-embroidered wallpapers and smooth white marble also accentuate the space and serve to create a balance between the traditional and the new.

A Gym With An Ocean View

Christie’s International Real Estate

Working out at home will be crazy cool for the Faltrows.

A Sensual Master Bedroom And Bath

Christie’s International Real Estate

Clean lines, contemporary contours and natural light coming in through the windows were design staples in Paltrow’s former homes. They simply work to transform a space into one of serenity. The result? More inspired sleeping.

Christie’s International Real Estate

These timeless design themes reminiscent in tone and texture of Paltrow’s former Tribeca apartment include soft silks, understated colors and cool contemporary light fixtures. Makes for the perfect master bath, no?

A Conscious Coupling Area

Christie’s International Real Estate

Tea and high-tide will create the perfect synchronicity for these two newlyweds.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Newlywed Home


Second time’s a charm. In life there are game-changers that solely define your expectations for every single event thereafter. Marriage is one such game-changer. And your luxury home should be too.

Top Image: Christie’s International Real Estate.

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