Gwinn Volen and Jayne Young On What Makes Jacksonville Special

Gwinn Volen

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Photo by Wade Austin Ellis

Jayne Young and Gwinn Volen are top real estate agents in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Their success lies in their blend of skill sets and experiences. Both Jayne and Gwinn are savvy and quick on the uptake. They have the kind of sense of humor and gritty experience needed to push through the toughest of transactions. Though listings are their bread and butter, they love working with buyers and assisting them in the transition into the Northeast Florida lifestyle. Haute Residence caught up with Young and Volen to discuss Jacksonville and why they are proud to call it home:

How long have you all lived in the Jacksonville area?

Gwinn moved to the area from Pasadena, CA in 2006. Jayne has been in the Jacksonville area since 1991. We both live on the beaches. Between the two of us, we’ve lived in 11 different locations across the area!

We both currently live in Ponte Vedra Beach, but serve the entire Jacksonville area. We currently have two buyers agents on our team. Between the four of us, we know every nook and cranny of the Jacksonville area.

What about Jacksonville makes you proud to call it home?

Jayne loves the fact that we have an NFL football team, incredible golf courses all over the metro area, and great entertainment options in downtown Jacksonville. And, she really appreciates the convenient and easy airport. Gwinn loves the low country feel of the Intracoastal and the fact that Jacksonville has a Southern feel to it. Having grown up in Augusta, GA, she appreciates the friendliness and sense of hospitality.

Our beaches are beautiful and clean and aren’t overcrowded. Both of us visit them almost daily. High rise construction is limited, which allows for more access for everyone on the beaches.

St Johns County is known for its top-rated schools, and we have great higher education opportunities with the University of North Florida and Jacksonville University.

The Mayo Clinic is also a very important asset for our community. It is continually rated as the #1 hospital in the US.

Photo by Lance Asper

Have you noticed many people moving to Jacksonville lately? What do your clients who are new to the city say they love about it?

Jacksonville is one of the top 10 cities for millennials, as there is a bit of a tech boom here. We are also experiencing a lot of growth in Southwest St. Johns County with the development of Nocatee. Nocatee is the 3rd fastest growing planned community in the US. The price point is attractive, and the community has loads of amenities and top schools. Similar communities continue to be developed, as positive growth continues.

We are also seeing a large number of people relocating from the Northeast due to taxes and cold weather. Florida does not have a state income tax, nor does it have the mansion tax.

Our upper-end customers tend to gravitate towards the water, either the beach communities or the river. There are endless recreation opportunities.

What is your favorite thing about Jacksonville in the Summer?

The water opportunities are endless here. We have the ocean, the Intracoastal, and the St Johns River to enjoy fishing, sailing, surfing and other water sports.

Golf is everywhere, and it isn’t just a summer activity!

How would you describe Jacksonville in three words?

Friendly. Affordable. Growing.

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