Grupo Arca Honors Cara Woodhouse At Design Center In Miami’s Wynwood Arts District

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Photo Credit: Grupo Arca

Grupo Arca is the leading global platform in natural stones and raw materials of the highest quality. With showrooms in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Wynwood in Miami, it is a favorite of Mexico-based architects and interior designers, offering them premium building materials: wood flooring from France, an array of masonry bricks, Italian-fabricated engineered stone, and exotic natural stone from around the globe.

The Miami Gallery is Arca's current headquarters for its showroom. It marks the Mexican company's first commitment toward internationalization.

The Mexican company's Miami homebase is an absolute stunner and adds a lovely touch to the Wynwood community's aesthetic and appearance. The Danish artistic group, SUPERFLEX, was commissioned to imagine the Arca Wynwood's facade. The group is comprised of three artists known for blending art, science and activism. Titled “Like A Force of Nature,” the artists use ARCA’s ceramic tiles designed by Hector Esrawe to create an installation that explores the contradiction of the two phenomena of currency and color merging with the naturally recurring Fibonacci mathematic sequence of numbers. Following a color palette inspired by the tones of Mexican banknotes, the work of art underlines the overwhelming experience of our current economic systems as natural as volcanoes or tsunamis, almost like a force of nature.

Arca recently welcomed luxury interior designer Cara Woodhouse at their Wynwood Design Center.

Cara Woodhouse

Photo Credit: IHC Agency

Cara encapsulates the fundamental values of design such as form, function and symmetry. She combines luxurious comfort with unsurpassed customer service. A lover of any and all things marble, Cara frequently collaborates with Arca throughout multiple interior design projects.

Cara Woodhouse Interiors is a full-service design firm based in New York. The design service includes architecture consulting, contract management, spatial planning, material and finish selections, custom furniture, millwork and antiquing. While design is Cara's passion, it also happens to be her job. Cara strives to find the perfect balance in each space.

The Dinner held at Arca's Wynwood Arts District gallery was a fun and intimate evening to honor this successful and ongoing collaboration.

Photo Credit: IHC Agency

The intimate evening in Miami began with a beautiful selection of wines as well as tequila and mezcal cocktails.

Guests enjoyed a gorgeous menu exclusively curated by the renowned Chef Masayuki Komatsu of the lauded Hiyakawa Miami Japanese restaurant. Follow Hiyakawa HERE.

Photo Credit: IHC Agency

The dinner's menu included a lovely Miso Soup to kick things off. Shortly after, a stunning Omakase Chirashi was placed on the table. Next, guests enjoyed a refreshing Torched Salmon Temaki as well as a Negihama Temaki, followed by Amaimono and an optional offering of espresso (or carajillo cocktails, for the bold) to end the delicious meal.

Photo Credit: IHC Agency

The evening brought together friends and acquaintances, new and old. Guests got to learn even more about the wonders of the excellent marble sourcing Grupo Arca is involved with. It was a wonderful night that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Notable guests of Grupo Arca included Principal Designer at Bea Interiors Design; Partner at IG Workshop Interiors, Renata Vasconez; Owner of Fava design Group, Joseph Fava; Founder and Principal of Doo Architecture, Alexis Cogul Lleonart; CEO of Grupo Arca, Jose Fernandez.

Renata Vasconez, Bea Pernia, Jose Fernandez

Photo Credit: IHC Agency

Joseph Fava

Photo Credit: IHC Agency

Alexis Cogul Lleonart

Photo Credit: IHC Agency


If you wish to discover more about Grupo Arca and their work with marble, stone and natural elements, CLICK HERE. To learn more about Cara Woodhouse and see ways to book her for an upcoming project, CLICK HERE.

Photo Credit: IHC Agency

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