Gothic And Mediterranean Stylistic Elements Emphasize This Modern Kitchen

Susan Rocco

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This dream kitchen fittingly belongs to a Weston couple’s newly built dream home. The couple wanted the kitchen to be the star of the home- a grandiose, show-stopping space. The architecture of the home borrows from Gothic and Mediterranean stylistic elements on the exterior, while the interior boasts a contemporary take on these. Inside, beam ceilings, marble floors and Venetian plaster walls are kept to a neutral palette, setting the perfect stage for a kitchen where high contrast, interesting details and an impressive scale, deliver just the kind of awe-inspiring presence the homeowners sought.

Photo courtesy of Susan Rocco

The homeowners wanted the design elements of this kitchen to be consciously designed with the intent to complement the grandiosity of the space. This would include the design of specific cabinetry pieces as well as the choice of appliances to have an impressive characteristic. The kitchen was laid out according to a functional work triangle. From there, specific feature sections were created of the individual work stations, each designed to hold a distinctive quality. When looked at as a composition, each workstation would make up one luxurious and monumental kitchen, albeit with an air of old-world charm. 

Photo courtesy of Susan Rocco

Juxtapositions lead and anchor the eye to various points around the kitchen, creating moments out of each workstation with interesting details. The juxtapositions of light painted cabinets and dark stained wood elements and the use of dark interiors on the glass door cabinets to heighten the contrast, work to command attention to specific pieces. The hood, a feat to execute with its sharp curves, has both the elements of light and dark, massive scale and is the most impressive and dramatic feature of the space. The shaped toes through-out the space, the crystal hardware, the opulent lit onyx countertops-each of these elements heighten the sense of drama in this kitchen and contribute to the final result feeling like a dream kitchen come to life.

Photo courtesy of Susan Rocco

In times where contemporary design is one of the most popular styles, executing a kitchen inspired by traditional design that has not only a commanding presence but also timelessness, is what successful design is all about. Elements that make up this kitchen were edited to feel every bit fresh and current with the times, yet exude the stately glamour of times past. 

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