Glenfiddich Unveils Luxury Time Re:Imagined Collection at The National Residences Dallas

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Photo Credit: Jess & Doz Photography

Earlier this month, Glenfiddich unveiled their brand new, first-of-its-kind, luxury scotch collection named Time Re:Imagined. The collection contains three different scotches, 30-year-old, 40-year-old, and 50-year-old, with the 50 having a limited release of only 220 decanters that were all matured in the same warehouse, married together, and finished in an American Oak refill cask for two years.

Glenfiddich hosted an exclusive dinner and ultimate luxury scotch tasting at Monarch, a luxury Italian restaurant located on the 50th floor of The National Residences. Guests were treated to an exclusive menu created just for that evening by Executive Chef Eric Dreyer and his team. The five-course dinner paired each dish with a unique whiskey cocktail that gave guests an overview of Glenfiddich's delicious portfolio.

Photo Credit: Jess & Doz Photography

The highlight of the evening, however, was the tasting of the new collection. Guests imbibed on tasters of each of the three years, being some of the few people in the world who will ever be able to enjoy these exclusive bottles. Kirsten Grant Meikle, the great-great-granddaughter of William Grant, walked guests through each sip, explaining the process and tasting notes for each. 

Each of the three liquids has matured over decades to develop richness and depth of flavor that is rarely encountered - celebrating moments of time relative to their production. The 30-Year-Old embodies Suspended Time - representing the moment when the Malt Master suspends the development of the whisky, showcasing the purest expression of the distiller’s character. Glenfiddich’s 40-Year-Old represents Cumulative Time, drawing attention to the layers of accumulated flavor, made possible via the remnant vatting process, first pioneered by the brand. The rarest within the Time Re:Imagined Collection, the 50-Year-Old, portrays Simultaneous Time, exploring the parallel and complex conditions that have influenced the liquid.

Photo Credit: Jess & Doz Photography

“In whisky production, we often talk about the role of Malt Masters, and it is our responsibility to find the delicate balance between the taste of the whisky and the intensity of the oak cask,” says Brian Kinsman, Malt Master, Glenfiddich. “But we don’t always acknowledge how each cask, each bottle, is absolutely unique because of the time it has spent maturing. Both nature and time play huge roles in making whisky taste as it does, and Glenfiddich’s Time Re:Imagined pays homage to this process and the exquisite liquid both time helps to create.”

The Time Re:Imagined Collection is now available in limited quantities in the U.S., with the 50-year-old having only 7 bottles released in the entire country. Prices are $1,299, $4,600, and $50,000 for the Glenfiddich 30-Year-Old, 40-Year-Old, and 50-Year-Old, respectively. For more information and purchasing details, visit or on social channels @glenfiddichUS.

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