Gina Holz Designs In The Hollywood Hills, A Century In The Remaking

Gina Holz Designs, Inc.

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Editor’s Note: Gina Holz does it again, this time redesigning and bringing this Roaring 20s home in Hollywood Hills’s Bird Streets to the 21st century.

Gina Holz Designs - October 2019 - Hollywood Hills Bird StreetsPhoto Credit: Brooke Wilen

This house was built in the 1920’s in the Hollywood Hills coveted Bird Streets neighborhood. The owner wanted to give the place a new life and much-needed updating for a prospective buyer.

Gina Holz - October 2019-2Photo Credit: Brooke Wilen

We wanted to update the floor plan and finishes for the modern family while maintaining the integrity of the original architecture. The original entry flooring was replaced by white and gray checkered marble tiles as a nod to some of the classic Los Angeles homes. We replaced the flooring, windows and doors, and created a more modern, open floor plan. 

The kitchen and dining room were opened up so that we could incorporate a big and open space.

Gina Holz - October 2019-3Photo Credit: Brooke Wilen

Off the kitchen was an enclosed porch with the most impressive view of the city. We decided to incorporate that deck into the kitchen, family room area and make it a dining room/bar area for entertaining. This opened up the usable interior space and provided more light and openness throughout.

Gina Holz - October 2019-4Photo Credit: Brooke Wilen

The living room went from a dark outdated space to a bright and airy entertaining area. We lightened the ceilings and incorporated light in the room. Since ceiling cans are not something one would see in a 1920’s home, we hid the lights on top of the wood beams so they did not call attention to themselves. The bookcases were updated to be more modern, complete with sconces on top. The fireplace was transformed into a clean plaster finish, while still maintaining the original structure and detail. 

Gina Holz - October 2019-5Photo Credit: Brooke Wilen

All of the bathrooms and bedrooms were enlarged and updated for the modern buyer. One of the biggest transformations was the downstairs bedroom and storage room near the pool. We opened up the entire space and created a cabana with a full bathroom, kitchenette, and seating area. The walls are covered in smooth plaster for a soft, textured look. The glass shower provides an open, modern feel and a direct shot to a spectacular LA view.

Gina Holz - October 2019-6Photo Credit: Brooke Wilen

All of the rooms were brought to life by the staging company Vesta. This really helped people see how they could envision themselves in the space and create a life in this home.

Gina Holz - October 2019-7Photo Credit: Brooke Wilen

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