Geometric Shapes And Colorful Hues Make Up This Contemporary Waterfront Home

Eve Joss

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Editor’s Note: Haute Design by Haute Residence caught up with Eve Joss, the visionary mastermind behind the renowned full-service interior design company Rooms by Eve. Here, Joss shares her latest project nestled in Boca Raton, Florida, which incorporates the contemporary aesthetic she is known for. With a keen eye for color, textures and patterns that allow her to add a vibrant spin to her designs, Joss is able to successful curate a contemporary space with the use of natural elements and products for a welcoming and polished result. 

Rooms By Eve

Photo courtesy of Rooms By Eve

What makes a contemporary style home rememberable is a commitment to modern simplicity, attention to line and space, geometric shapes, and a strict yet well-considered color palette.

Photo courtesy of Rooms By Eve

The upholstered pieces in this contemporary living room are neutrals and the the textures are through the use of wool, cotton and linen.  Though furnishings call for a minimal approach, decorative accessories are used from  lamps to décor objects to artworks. Bring  in pops of color with throws and pillows that are clean and concise.

Rooms by eve

Photo courtesy of Rooms By Eve

In order to keep the look natural we opted to go for sheer white floor to ceiling curtains that adds drama to a decidedly contemporary living room or dining room.

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