Get The Artsy Look With These 5 Gorgeous Gallery Walls From Instagram

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Nothing takes your decor up a notch quite like fine art, and these days, one of the most popular ways to showcase your art collection is to create a statement gallery wall. A gallery wall is a space where you strategically place works of art, creating an eye-catching oasis of your personal taste. If a fine art collection isn’t exactly your thing, family photography, cityscapes and framed prints can stand in, as can mirrors, wall-mounted plant baskets and sculpture. No matter what you plan to hang, it’s important to style the area with colors, shapes, textures and sizes that complement each other. For inspiration, we’ve compiled five of the most artful, jaw-dropping gallery walls on Instagram.

Variations on Black and White

This elegant yet eclectic gallery wall doesn’t use bright colors to make its statement… Instead, it keeps the palette neutral, while showcasing surreal designs and black-and-white photography. Gold, white and black frames keep the design looking simple and clean, while neutral furniture and accessories beneath the wall carry the statement through.

The Naturalist

When picking art for your gallery wall, you may decide to choose a theme. This nature-themed wall includes plant prints, a compass-shaped clock and textbook-inspired plant drawings. For variety, the homeowner also decided to showcase a color-appropriate portrait and some displays of text.

Bohemian Vibes

Though all of the pieces in this display utilize similar shapes and frames, variety is kept center stage in the works of art themselves. Add in a hot pink fireplace frame, shaggy chair, funky accessories and well-placed cacti and the look becomes entirely bohemian.

Patterns and Textures

For a cozy, shabby-chic yet trendy look, combine a colorful gallery wall with varied patterns and textures below. The perfect way to do this? Quilts! Like this gallery wall, the quilted pillows beneath it (and the floral printed accents around the room) are colorful, feminine and fun.

Modern Renaissance 

This super pretty gallery wall hang is actually also super clever if you look at it – with its perfectly balanced ascending and descending sized pieces. Pure class. . . . #Repost @elledecorationuk ・・・ This incredible Italian apartment draws the best of design from every era – in the dining room, 1960s green office chairs by Tecna meet @marcelwanders’s ‘Zeppelin’ chandelier for @flos, while sketches by Italian artists Mario Tozzi, Ernesto Treccani and Antonio Ligabue line the wall. Shot by @fabriziocicconi as seen in our April issue #outnow . . . #diningroom #decor #interiordesign #interiors #interior_and_living #artforthehome #art #instaart #artoftheday #gallerywall #instagallery #gallerywalldecor #gallerywallhashtag #surface #inspirationalcontemporaryart

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This artsy style is both upscale and vintage-inspired, with parquet floors, horse sculpture and neutral tones matched with modern chairs and lighting. We especially love the color scheme of cream, burnt orange and turquoise, the combination of which is the pinnacle of elegance.

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