Gabrielle Aker Brings Lights Camera And Action To This Los Angeles Hills Home

Gabrielle Aker

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Editor’s Note: Gabrielle Aker of Oh Beauty Interiors brought the vibe of one of Hollywood’s biggest names into this magnificent home design. She used the natural California sunlight to maximize the potential of the LA hills house. And with that Gabrielle Aker touch of originality, had a muralist work on a wall, but see more of that below!

Oh Beauty Nov2019 1Photo Credit: Evan Schneider

This mid-century modern home in the hills of Los Angeles was a true collaboration between my client and me!

With her original inspiration images being a far cry from where we landed (which is often the case), we ended up using the Johnny Depp movie “Blow” with a California casual vibe as our inspiration. Each piece was carefully selected or custom made with that balance in mind.

Oh Beauty Nov2019 2Photo Credit: Evan Schneider

The goal was to achieve a look that was unique and one-of-a-kind through the use of complimenting yet contrasting colors and textures.

Instead of doing wallpaper on the living room wall, we commissioned a muralist to create a custom mural for the space.

Oh Beauty Nov2019 3Photo Credit: Evan Schneider

The wall of windows overlooking the city provided the light we needed to keep the space bright and playful while adding some rich drama and eclectic charm.

Oh Beauty Nov2019 4Photo Credit: Evan Schneider

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