From Paragliding To Real Estate, Top Realtor Shannon Francis Does It All

Shannon Francis

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Snowmass Village

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Shannon Francis is a native of Aspen and has unique insight into the fine details of real estate in the Roaring Fork Valley. With her husband, Shannon has successfully started and developed Glenwood Springs’ only Tandem Paragliding operation, demonstrating the skills required to thrive and grow in the market's tourist-driven economy. She believes that each and every client deserves the highest standard of care regardless of budget, timeline, or desire.

Shannon talked with Haute Residence about how she got started in Real Estate and about running her successful tandem paragliding business.

How did you get your start in the business?

I originally started in the real estate business because I was working with a residential developer in the central valley of California. I thought that having my license would help me understand the business better and be able to work with more knowledge in my job. I was also selling my condo in Aspen and wanted to avoid real estate commissions on the sale. That was in 2005. I then let my license go inactive while I focused on raising my son and working for our paragliding business. As we transitioned during the Covid pandemic I decided to reactivate my license and start getting back to real estate.

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How did you go from tandem paragliding to real estate?

In essence, I do both. I am a managing member of our paragliding LLC and spend every morning from May 1 to September 30th working for the paragliding business. I then transition to real estate in the afternoon. I believe my paragliding business provides access to people that I might not encounter in everyday life and that in effect helps my real estate business.

What sets you apart from other real estate agents?

I am personally involved in all my transactions. I don't have people that I hand work off to in order to take on more clients. All my clients are my top priority so I do not overload my plate because I want each client to get the personal attention they deserve during their transactions. I was born in Aspen and know the ins and outs of our valley better than anyone I know. I have submerged myself in the community and think outside the box to get my clients the best possible outcomes in any situation.

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Why do you consider Roaring Fork Valley not just a city, but a lifestyle?

The Roaring Fork Valley is a lifestyle because here we really enjoy nature, culture, and health. It is not simply a place to own property but really it's a place to live, in every aspect of the word. All of our communities are relatively small but offer world-class food, cultural events, schools, outdoor activities, and sports. The people you meet here are invested in living well-rounded, healthy lives.

What has been your favorite memory throughout your real estate career?

I have great memories from all my transactions, but the most significant lately is that I helped a good friend get into the perfect house while he was going through a very difficult divorce. By finding him the house and helping him get financing, it allowed him to stay in the valley near his kids and get out of an impossible situation.

For more information, please contact Shannon Francis at 970-319-7430 or

Shannon Francis is the exclusive agent representing the Snowmass Village, CO real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of her listings here.

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