Frank Muytjens’s Rural Cottage

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Frank Muytjens, the head of men’s design at J. Crew, has a home away from home located two-and-a-half-hour drive north from Manhattan in Hillsdale, New York. This two-bedroom weekend home, which measures a little over 600 square feet, is disconnected from the world with no high-speed Internet connection and barely-there cell phone service.

The Dutch-born designer was first introduced to the small rural town of Hillsdale when he was helping renovate a friend’s house in the early 2000s. In 2007 he purchased his place when two friends were selling. In an exclusive interview with ElleDecor, Muytjens said; “Being in the city and in the maelstrom of everything, I felt like I needed a place where I could just kick back and do everything—or nothing. It’s a small stretch of road; there are only ten houses here, so we have potluck dinners together. It’s very social, but at the same time, we each like our privacy, and everyone respects that.”

The home was originally built in the 1980s, but complete renovations were conducted by the former owners, givings the property a 20th century cottage vibe.

Source and photos courtesy Elle Decor

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